Week 10

Hi guys I am back with another post and this one is one week 10 the final week. I completed all 10 weeks it was long but in the end it was worth it. I posted about 14 posts in 10 weeks I think that is pretty good. I received about 3 or 4 comments on my blog but most were just in my class. I enjoyed writing Week 7 the most because it was all about whatever you wanted it to be about. Also the science week was a close second I found that one very cool as well. One of the things I am more proud of is how to use technology more and more useful. I learned how to properly embed a YouTube video and also have links in your blog which I did not no before. For me I will keep posting and also I have to my teachers make us reflect on some of our work we do which is a good thing because you get to see how for your work has come. The next thing we had to do was take the survey I found it very interesting because in a sense you were helping the blog for next years blogging challenge which is pretty cool. Hope you enjoy my posts and always keep commenting


Welcome back to my blog and this is about emojis. I made a little game you have to guess the movie when the emojis come up hope you enjoy. make sure to comment what you got! Click here

My Worldview

Hi guys and I am back with another post. This one is about my worldview. What we had to do in this project was create a explain everything that describes my worldview. But before that we had to make a script that describes our worldview here it is. Then we had to make mind map on how our worldview was influenced  Then we had to make our explain everything. What I did was create a bunch of slides talking about my life or my worldview. Here is my worldview. What I learned in this project was how my worldview is different than others I my worldview is influenced by a lot of people. If I had more time if I did this project over would be add some more colour to make it more appealing. Thanks for reading this Kaden.