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Hello this is my first mPol so please bare with me.  To start my M-pole I am going back to the very beginning of even thinking about PLP.  My first impression of PLP was that the program might not be for me. But one of the best pieces of advice my dad has ever given to me was that I should just try and get into PLP because it was going to push me and that I would thrive being challenged in school for once. Elementary School came a little easy to me, I really didn’t have to reach too far out of the box.  At first I thought I was not the type of kid that PLP would even look at but my parents kept motivating me. After learning about the program and seeing how cool it was I decided to go all in and see what could happen!  I just threw everything out on the table and then the drive really made me want it! I worked really hard and obviously as we can see I made it. 

Our first unit was on advertising. I think I did a really good job on some of my ads.  As you can see my first attempt was a little plain and the wording was too small. However, my last ad showed I learned a lot more about what a customer would be looking for in their advertising needs.   

The first ad, I don’t like the colours because it really didn’t show the lettering well which made it hard for the reader to read. There was also a spelling mistake on Deep Cove which of course taught me to make sure I check the ad closely!  Here’s what I like about the last one. Its shows the location way better, I think my slogan is pretty good, as well and I added the address and the font that the restaurant uses in their other print material.

Next, I will move to my dream board which I am really proud of because I really feel like it represents me as a human being. I was hoping to show my dream board here however i am having technical difficulties and can’t find a way to do so. This was something we had to do in PGP which stand for Personal Growth Plan.  The purpose of this class is to help us set goals and work on ways to organize our school life and our personal life as well.  The board is help us see our goals and beliefs so that we could have a way to remind ourselves what is important and what I should always try to focus on.  This board is a good way to stay on track when life sometimes has a way of leading us off track.

Now I would like to talk about what was the toughest area for me so far. I am having a really hard time with all the PGP stuff.  I am not fully understanding all of it and all the goal planning. I’m not use to doing it and I don’t really like it. But that is just an excuse so I am going to work harder than I usually do so I can better at it. To add to the topic if of goals one of my goals is to get better at my grammar and get better at writing by the end of the year. Also staying organized and keeping my assignments organized through out the year. Now I am going to talk about my reflection on humanities then Science Math Maker PGP. First of I will start with Humanities, what I think I am doing well is learning the subject but understanding it right away and staying engaged is probably the some of the things I need to work on. But I am proud of Is when the final product comes around I feel proud of it and want to show it. A good example of that would be the Religion unit at the start I didn’t really understand or really get it but when we started to work on it I understood it way more. When it was time to present I really understood it and was proud to present it and had a lot of fun doing it. to continue on my reflection One project I think I am struggling with is the project we are doing right now on the fall of Rome. The project that I think I did well would have to be the advertising project and the worldview/ Religion project. What I think I need to work on is staying on task and staying an gagged. Next I will move to Science what I think I need to work on in science would be note taking I note take sometimes I do but most of the time I put it in my head which is probably not the best idea. I also need to work on asking questions when I don’t understand something I try to figure it out on my own and most of the time get it wrong. But here some examples that I think I am doing well staying on task in science and not drifting part of the reason for that is I like what I am learning so I want to learn more.  I am really proud of this project because I worked really hard did the research and learned a lot. Also what we are learning now on cells living things it’s ongoing unit but I am enjoying it. Some things to improve on for me in science would be not procrastinating and focusing on one thing at a time. Now let’s move to Math I think that I am struggling a fair amount but at some things I understand. Some projects or subjects that I am struggling with would have to be the phthogeros theory I really did not like that unit to fully honest. What I will do better in the future is do some work on my own time and study hard and ask questions and ask for help. For next term I would like to work really hard so I can understand all of it and start to like math because I am not a Hugh fan of math. Next I will talk about PGP at the beginning of the year I didn’t get at all and I thought it was going to be waste of time to be perfectly honest. But after the first meeting I understood why it was a course but I still don’t like it but that it not an excuse I still have to work really hard to get better at it. For an example I would choose my dream board to show my learning I worked really hard on it and I am proud to show it. Some areas for me to work in would be motivating myself to do it and producing high quality work. I would just like to say with the time blocking and goal setting stuff I feel like with the time blocking thing their is a lot of area for me to improve in that. I think I should definitely keep trying it but I would like to ask you guys what do you think I should do to Improve it. For the goal setting I just gotta do it and go though with my goals I think that if I make some short term goals to see the results that are coming in. Once I see the good things that come from goals I feel like I would set some long term goals. 

Now we will we move on to maker Some things to improve on for maker would be asking questions and involvement in the conversation and being in them. Some things that I think would be my focus level when we are doing a task I do it and do it well but I do think that if I involve myself in conversation it will help me understand things way more so I am going to focus on that a lot. One of the projects I am very proud of would be my goal selfie I think that it represents me well and it is a great goal and the only thing left to do is execute my goal and it will make such A Hugh improvement that I will be happy with. My work ethics and habits 

I remember talking about this in the first PGP thing. My work ethics I work hard on most projects and this is a big thing that I need to work on I said I work hard on most projects on projects I love and interested in I work hard and like to work on them. But on projects I don’t necessarily love or interested in I don’t work as hard. I am also a visual learner I like to see things before I execute it. Now I would like to talk about my learning portfolio at the start of the year I hated writing it and my writing sucked but now I like writing in it and my quality of writing now has changed so much and I am vey proud of it. https://www.blog44.ca/kadend/2018/10/25/deep-cove-business-ad-and-poundgrain-reflections/ here is my first post instead of editing it and making it look perfect I left how it is I am not proud of this one that is why my writing has improved so much this year is because I want to be proud of my writing and work.  https://www.blog44.ca/kadend/2019/01/11/winter-exhibition-post/ Here is my latest post on the winter exhibition I am very proud of this one because I feel like my word choices were a lot better hopefully if I did my work well enough you could almost feel like you were their but I don’t know how I did on that. To end this of before my question I would like to show you some high quality work but it was not in a PLP class but it was with a teacher it was in Digital literature I designed and made my own website you guys can visit. http://kadendpbaseball.weebly.com/ I am very proud of this and I think it is high quality work because everyone can’t create there own website. Some things I like about it would be how first of all that was my first time creating my own website and I got an A in the project. But I like how deigned it and how I talked about baseball I think my website looks good. Now he grind finale the questions. Do you agree with how I am going to improve as a Lerner if not how do you think I should improve it. 

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  1. Wow Kaden… very impressive. I can definitely see an improvement in your writing, your grammar (can use more work, but a definite improvement), how you express yourself and your ideas. It’s so much fun to read and actually helps me see your life through your eyes. Keep it up….. it’s wonderful.

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