It’s the end as the world as we know it

This post I will talk about what I have learned this past unit. The first thing we learned was the book of the lion the book was ok I didn’t personally like it but it was a good thing to read and learn about the events that happened. Next we learned all about the crusades and how Rome fell before we talked and learned about this topic I had no idea or knowledge about how Rome fell and the crusades so it was interesting to learn about it. The coolest thing I learned was the stages of the government. The next task was the litature circles it was basically after we read the chapters the teacher gives us we reflect on what we read the roles are connector, illustrator and  investigator. Here is a picture of it. What we had to do for the investigator role is research something that was in the book then talk about in the sheet. Some things to improve on for next time would be probably for the drawing spend a bit more time on it so it could be better. Using our knowledge we had to make a triple ven dirgram about us peers and experts also our world view. The main thing I learned for this stage of the project would be how much my world view has changed with the transition to high school when you go back and look at your worldview it is pretty amazing how much it has changed.Next we had to create a MindNode on how our worldview has shifted from elementary to high school the MindNode was pretty cool I enjoyed making it. It was so cool to see how my worldview has changed also it really helped me understand my worldview. I like making MindNodes I think they are very useful and helpful. My MindNode was about my worldview about the seven aspects of worldview it really helped get ready for my song. Speaking of my song the next thing was our song at first I thought this was the most interesting thing I have ever done in school. It turned out pretty fun though. The first drat I used auto tune and it made sound pretty dumb so I thought it was good but obviously I had to change it. So for draft two I took out auto tuning and made some lines sound better. For my lines I took my experiences in school that made sense with the seven aspects of worldview I tried to make it funny and enjoyable to listen to even with my voice. In conclusion this was a good and useful unit I learned a lot do I think we had to do a song no but it was a fun unit and it is something that I think about for a while.

Week 9 coding

Week nine coding the, this was probably the hardest week for because coding is very hard I found out. I think that Alex is a amazing person because he has his strengths and weaknesses but he perseveres through it and does what he wants to do. I think that is awesome, the next part we had to do was coding for an hour it was cool learning about coding but it is definitely not for me I don’t understand how it works that well so Alex I got to give it to you man I don’t know how he does it. The next part was coding in our blog. I got so lost I didn’t know what was happening I didn’t do it for very long because I didn’t want to screw up my blog but I don’t know how coders do it. It is truly one of the hardest things I have ever done.