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Welcome back after a long break, I am back with anther post and this one is about our trip to Alberta but before I talk about that I must talk about the things leading up to that so the first day we got our project which was around the first day of school and the name of the project was called. How does a place impact who we are at first I was like what in the heck does that mean but soon after I figured out what that was about in Alberta. So leading up to Alberta we did some work before that. So the first thing we did was learn about the power of place and we ended up doing a creative reflection if you don’t know that is, it is a basically anything creative it can’t just be a bunch a text so here is mineThe task was about how place impacts who you are so that is what I wrought about. The next milestone we did was we got article and mine was about the wolf cull so we did research and then got a lens which is what you look through so mine was political so I has to look through a political lens

Using a lens

I think the government are involved because they are hiring contractors to shot the wolves the government has shot 480 wolves to save the caribou. The province issued a five year plane. According to Albertan biologist Stan Boutin, the livelihood of Caribou in BC depends on a dwindling wolf population. In other words, we must continue moderating the population of wolves. Some people are not very happy about this. If in the future we stopped moderating the wolf population, in theory the caribou would once again start dwindling. So then we did a pre trip plan for Alberta so in Alberta we were making a video about how place impacts who we are so we had to do some research about the places we are going to. But it’s not that easy because then we had a people’s group as well so mine was tourist so we had to make a video on how place impacts tourism. Here is my pre trip planso in this page I talked about my research and my questions and in this one I talked about the lens that I am going to use. The next thing you know we are in Alberta so the first significant stop for me was rogers pass where we got some great footage for our interviews we interviewed 2 people about the tourism that comes here. Then the next interview was a lake Louise and boy is that place stunning it literally takes your breath away I highly recommend going there. So the guy we interviewed was named hawk and he was from the Cree nation, and he answered questions about the environment and how tourists were using it he said they were being responsible with the land and not littering so he said that the tourists were being respectful with the land. The next place was Columbia Icefield and when we were there it was amazing to see how this place is not going to be there for long so it kinda put into perspective how don’t take the earth for granted because it not going be here with the way we are treating it. When we got up there it was stunning the view was great. So now I will show you my first draft.

So as you can see there is a lot of room for some improvements so for my second draft I took myself out and added pictures and music more interviews and the first video was to long so I had a couple of days to improve so I did just that and I am really proud with my second video I think it shows how much I leaned and how far I have came since the first video here it is.

The last thing I would like to talk about was how this trip changed my life little on how i look at things and on how place affects people and your economy. This trip for me was really cool and made so many memories.

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  1. Kaden, i love the way you described the steps to completing the final task and the process. I like how you showed different assignments and how you improved on them

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