Canadian Confederation 🧐

For this project I will be talking about confederation this project started out pretty weird but as the project went on I surprised to see that it got a lot better and actually became my favourite project. It all started out by us doing a paragraph on Canadian confederation we read some things out of the textbook and had to do a response. the next thing we were tasked to do was. Was get colony so mine was Nova Scotia I actually was pretty happy with that choice because I have worked with a lot of other provinces in other projects but not Nova  Scotia. The next thing we need is a group so Gabe, Grace, Ally, Rhiann were in my group so we had to do some research on our our colony so we went into google docs and got to work we split up the work by me and Gabe were doing negative reasons not to join and the girls were doing the reasons to join confederation. That system actually worked out really well and we got some good knowledge on Nova Scotia.  So know the project got really fun and interesting to learn about. So we basically got to rewrite history and become the colony’s I think that was pretty cool because there we deals and anlices going on to make everyone join confederation. I think we should do more projects like that it really makes learning more fun and you want to learn and you get really invested on what your learning about. So now back to the project the next thing we did was our preliminary proposals so those our basically what your demanding to be on the final sheet so for Nova Scotia we have a huge ice free port that works all year round which no other colony’s have so we were a big part in the the confederation so our six demands were. Tax steam boats, military support, the capital of Canada to be Halifax, the railway to stop in Nova  Scotia, free trade with other colony’s and also a responsible government because we are a small colony and we need to be in the talk. So after all the colony’s presented there proposals we went to the final proposals and in that meeting you had to make a video explaining what you wanted to join confederation.

In conclusion this project was really fun and helped me learn about Canadian confederation at the start of the project I knew almost nothing about it but after the project I was very familiar about what I was talking about. This project also helped me how to act with a green screen.

Like terms

Today I will be talking about like terms our most recent project in math. To start off our project we did was a LEGO construction contest. Me and my partner Gabe did a lego construction with the website called mechabrick which it basically lego building online it was a pretty cool website and I think we made a pretty cool structure. So Gabe was in charge of the building with help of me and I did all the math.  So there a our scobby do dog house a fence around the edge.  Then here is my math you had to do to make it about our project like terms. The next thing we did was a lot of worksheets and some lesson notes these were really helpful because if you didn’t understand something you could refer to these things and it made you understand things way better and then we moved into our project for this project you could really chose whatever you wanted in this project you just had to be able to make like terms out of it. So our original idea was to make something out of mincraft but after some feedback and some thinking we decided to make a song or a little beat. So how we made was we went into garage band and started to create beats then write down the the polynomials.  So as you can see in these photos the different polynomials and it means we used 8 F-keys on the piano for example it says 16e so we used 16 E-keys. In conclusion I learned a lot of things this project including that me and Gabe do not work well together and when someone is distracting you it is hard to learn but I did learn some stuff about polynomials and like terms.

Nationalism!! And memes?

Hello everyone and today I will talking about our latest project all about nationalism. To start off the project we did out need to knows so we got a little bit of information about the project then we filled out a need to know sheet about the project.The next thing we did was complete a worksheet on historical significance. Usually I hate worksheets! However, this one was not bad because I got to choose what I was researching. So I chose, the first man who walked on the moon which I found out was significant because not everyone can just go walk to the moon.It was not a difficult task but we got it done. Now we move on to the aspect of cause and consequence and this task was pretty cool task you had to chose something that was history and realize what the cause and consequences of it was a I chose the invention of the light bulb.

So know we had a good understanding of what we had to do so we got into the meme making. So know we got into the meme making we used this app called TikTok or you could make regular paper memes. So I decided to make 3 TikToks with Ben and Gabe the first one we made was basketball trick shots I think it went really well because we showed good use of tiktok and we got a good understanding of the app because we were all not familiar with the app.

As you can see it was pretty short so we decided to make another one because we were in the gym but this time we wanted to add transitions.

For our final tiktok we made Gabe make a tiktok, and this one is pretty funny.

So now that we got a good sense of what we had to film we moved on to our final project. It was we had to do the same thing but make it about nationalism but this time I got a little help from my brother.

So my first TikTok was about Africa and how they were trying to divide it up but they could not find an even place so I made a representation of it. For my second one I talked about Anna da Sousa life story and how she has to change religion to save her country.

In conclusion this project really helped me learn how to persuade what I am trying to say in a different way then just speaking about it. This project also really helped me understand what happened back in that time and how hard it was back then. It put a perspective of how lucky we really are.