Canadian Confederation 🧐

For this project I will be talking about confederation this project started out pretty weird but as the project went on I surprised to see that it got a lot better and actually became my favourite project. It all started out by us doing a paragraph on Canadian confederation we read some things out of the textbook and had to do a response. the next thing we were tasked to do was. Was get colony so mine was Nova Scotia I actually was pretty happy with that choice because I have worked with a lot of other provinces in other projects but not Nova  Scotia. The next thing we need is a group so Gabe, Grace, Ally, Rhiann were in my group so we had to do some research on our our colony so we went into google docs and got to work we split up the work by me and Gabe were doing negative reasons not to join and the girls were doing the reasons to join confederation. That system actually worked out really well and we got some good knowledge on Nova Scotia.  So know the project got really fun and interesting to learn about. So we basically got to rewrite history and become the colony’s I think that was pretty cool because there we deals and anlices going on to make everyone join confederation. I think we should do more projects like that it really makes learning more fun and you want to learn and you get really invested on what your learning about. So now back to the project the next thing we did was our preliminary proposals so those our basically what your demanding to be on the final sheet so for Nova Scotia we have a huge ice free port that works all year round which no other colony’s have so we were a big part in the the confederation so our six demands were. Tax steam boats, military support, the capital of Canada to be Halifax, the railway to stop in Nova  Scotia, free trade with other colony’s and also a responsible government because we are a small colony and we need to be in the talk. So after all the colony’s presented there proposals we went to the final proposals and in that meeting you had to make a video explaining what you wanted to join confederation.

In conclusion this project was really fun and helped me learn about Canadian confederation at the start of the project I knew almost nothing about it but after the project I was very familiar about what I was talking about. This project also helped me how to act with a green screen.

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  1. I liked how you reflected on this project, I thought your post really gave the reader an idea of what you did and what you enjoyed doing in this project. I also like that you didn’t make your post too long and just focused on some of the milestones and stepping stones that were more memorable.

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