My Second DI Regionals­čą│

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog and today I will talking about  Destination Imagination. This year was a little different I am in grade nine now so we got to choose what challenge we wanted to do with our group. So this year I decided to do the scientific challenge which was all about animals so my group was with Ben, Ally, Meg, Alex and Julia.  So here is our overall challenge for this is the first thing I read because it gives you a good understanding of what you will be creating.

Now this video right here gives us a lot more understanding of what we are creating and all the little details of what you need to do. So now we are in stage 1 and in stage one we had to complete some worksheets on our challenge.  The purpose of these is to get to know our challenge and also to figure are strengths and weaknesses as a group. So that is stage 1 so now w are moving into stage 2. Stage 2 is all about ideas and our team goals, so the first worksheet  was about our resources and constraints. Then we had an idea generation.  So help us get working on our central challenge the next thing we had to do is stage 3. Is all about starting to get roles and characters so I was in charge of the story, the jack lift and being the main character the snake. So we decided that our story was going to take place in Florida and it was going to be about a black mamba. So now your probably wondering about what is our challenge so we had to have a story about an animal that changes in the story and the environment around him had to change so we called it a morph. So we the outsider species morph we decided to have the snake change coular during the presentation and for the environmental change we decided that the eco system was really bad and when the snake help change the eco system by killing palm rats because there was an infestation of palm rats and when the black mamba kills them the eco system repairs it self and we were going to show the tree growing at a fast pace with the jack lift. Our story is about a snake that is not like any other black mamba, and there is a palm rat infestation going on and he is in charge to go kill or make the palm rats leave. Then he meets his fairy snake mother that helps guide him along the way. So now it is tournament day and we are all a little scared of what is going to happen today but also some excitement to because all the hard work we put in is paying off. After we presented we go some really good feedback and some things to improve on and we got right to work because It was a quick turn around into provincials.


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