DI Provincials OnlinešŸ„“

Hello everyone welcome back and today is going to be an interesting post. This is my first post that has do with covid-19 so my last post left off at spring break and unfortunately link to that post if you want to read about what DI is about and what our challenge is about. But the sad news was covid-19 was spreading pretty fast around BC so our group couldnā€™t meet up and change any of our props so the main focus was our story because everyone could edit it and see it because it was on all of our iPads. Then we found out that DI provincials were cancelled but that did not stop PLP we did it online in a giant zoom call so group had some meetings on zoom as well to get ready and review the new and improved script and we had character changes so we needed to make sure everything was a go. So the day of di and we got in the zoom call watch some of the other teams present and then it was our turn so we all had our cameras on and we did everything like If we were in person. I think the biggest thing I took away from DI over the last 2 years is make sure your time management is good and make sure your group is on point and use your strengths and weaknesses to your advantage during DI and finally just enjoy it.

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