Milestone 2

What is my identity well it can be a lot of things your identity is what shapes who you are I would say that my identity would be baseball friends family now that took a lot of thinking to figure your identity we did a lot of things in class so we could figure out our identity we wrote a bio poem about our identity. Now your probably asking why my identity is the things I listed off. Well firstly my identity is baseball its baseball because I  have been playing baseball since I was 5 so it has definitely impacted the way I look at life and the friends I have today without baseball my life would be so much different. Then family obviously family is in my identity you spend the most time with them and there always there for you no matter what their part of identity because they teach you what is right wrong and that shapes your identity. I would also put friends in my identity because you spend a lot of time make so many memories with them and that also goes into your identity and how you look at life without friends I would be lost. How I found my identity we did a lot of things that helped in finding our identity we wrote definitions and read things and listen to things and it really did take a lot of thinking cuz its not an easy question to answer the last thing we had to do was create a picture of our identity

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