Who is the greatest Canadian?

Hi and welcome back to my blog covid has affected a lot of things and people but one good thing is that I got to back to school and make a podcast. In this blog post I will be talking about the greatest Canadian. Over this project we have learned a lot about Canadian identity and figured out who is our greatest Canadian. In the end of the project we made a podcast about our greatest Canadian. For this blog I am going to talk about this project and reflect on this project.

 Next I will show you my podcasts creation we created a Basecamp link with a lot of information about our podcast and the creation we sent this to our interviewee https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/siy4bpUxJfj1qwRidoFk6oEo

now I will show you my podcast to conclude this post and this project I would like to talk about how much I learned in this my video skills and my editing and creating music has improved a lot and in this project I learned about Canadian identity a lot and about the greatest Canadian Sidney Crosby below will be 2 link one for a reflection on what to improve on and my final podcast.

And the link for my podcast

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