Stories of WW2

Hi and welcome back to my blog and we will be talking about WW2 and our project on it, the first thing we did was write about nationalism we wrote a paragraph about it and how we can connect on it to start off our project. Next we did had to do some research on our topic and WW2 my research was about the war and what sports looked like in WW2 and it was definitely a weird time sports were changed lots of sports did get canceled but not because they wanted to because all there men literally went to go fight in the war it was really cool to find out these things because when you look at WW2 you don’t think what sports we being played and what were not. Next I moved onto working on my script what was I going to talk about for script well I will put a picture here so you can read it but I talked about the war and what happened then moved into how were sports impacted by WW2 then interviewed my great grandma because she was a small child at the time so she explained what she remembered from the war and how she was affected I think it was a really good interview and helped my podcast a lot.

So after the script we moved onto, the creation of my podcast I read over my script got my interview and got to work with the editing I added my music and everything overall I think this project had a lot of ups and downs but I think it wad a great project and I learned a lot about the war. You guys can listen to all my podcasts on all major streaming devices and apps thank you guys for tuning in to another blog post peace.

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