Disneyland what about it?

Welcome back to my blog its been a while but today we are going to be talking about Disneyland and Walt Disney. It’s actually a very interesting topic lets start with Walt Disney first Walt made a film called Cinderella you way know what this is well you probably do! It is one of the most famous Disney movies well for Walt it was a big hit so after you make a movie that gets you a lot of money you make another one well he did exactly that. This one was called Alice in wonderland and yet again it was a very big hit that made Walt a lot of money.  One thing I find very interesting is that both movies are very happy nothing bad happens and these were made right after WW2 so Walt being a smart guy made these movies to be so happy with no guns or tanks or war so people would watch them and it worked he made a lot of money. Also these movies are still watched today by young children which I think is very cool because they were made in 1950. The next thing Walt did was go on TV why not right it might make you more money he was on TV once a week for an hour and his show was about anything going on in the world. But 1 episode we talked about in class was about rocket ships like who would want to watch that right well Walt was a very smart person so he did this to show the world that the US was ahead of everyone to get to space and to say like America is so good we are so far ahead of everyone. Which is pretty interesting because it just shows how smart he was. Well now his next big idea was lets make Disneyland so he bought a 9 million dollar property which back then was huge like crazy. Once it was built it was crazy so many people came the lines were just crazy but the last part of this post is going to be about it was has changed and stayed the same in Disneyland well most of the rides have stayed the same which is really cool. But obviously there has been rides added which changes Disneyland but the fact that in someways its just like it was back in 1950 is just so magical. Well thanks for coming over to my blog today and for now cya.