Correlation VS Causation!!

For this blog post I am writing about correlation vs causation, for this project we had to make a presentation about with a survey and a slideshow. Our first task was a MindNodeThat is were I learned really what correlation and causation meant now me and Kaia my parter thought of some questions to ask in our survey so we did but there ended up having no correlation so after a couple weeks of trial and error we finally got some correlation with our question it is how much time do you spend on your phone and your grade averages. So I did the scatter plot and found you can see there is correlation so that was our first step in finding correlation because we need another one with correlation. So we asked you how many siblings you have and your grade average we found slight correlation and I think this question is a little bias because not all the class has one more than one sibling only I slight few of them do. The rest of the class has one sibling so it is a little bias towards the people with one sibling. There is the correlation with the second question as you can see very slight correlation but it works. So next we had to make a keynote presentation. Here is our evidence

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