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New beginnings was a project very similar to the last few projects, Argh Matey, and the Renaissance: a Change Engine (in my opinion)! We explored a lot of old famous inventions that helped the people of (somewhat) let them live with ease! The printing press, guns, the Compass, etc. in this project, we explored about the trading market during the New France age. We learned a lot about certain groups of people that inhabited New France in the early days (e.g.: Les Filles du Rois, Coureur de Bois, the Haudenosaunee, the European settlers, etc)! 


Let me elaborate a little <3


Originally, the final project was to make an ad that was advertising New France! And advertisement trying to get people to come to New France if ya get what I mean! We kinda ran out of time so we had to change it to something more simple sadly, it would have been fun though!!

Anyways the very first assignment that was assigned to us was an advertisement warm up kinda thing! Basically, we got into a groups of three and revisited our skills from our very first humanities project, The Medium is the Message! We made an ad advertising Seycove, and why you should come to our school (lol)

I cant find the first draft for some reason 🙁 But I did find the revised one (revised by meeee)! Here it is:


The second thing that we did was go on a quick lil nature walk! Just around our school, nothing much! We had to revisit our Maker project, Constructing Creative Communication! This was actually a relatively fun project, so. Enjoyed using my photography skills I learned during that project :] Aaaanyways, we had to take 3 different photos with 3 different angles! Birds eye, worms eye, and close up! I definitely made sure to use the Rule of Thirds!

Here are the 3 photos I took <3:


Then we started doing weekly reflection on how we thing the last week had gone (which of coursed I hated XD), I don’t have much to say for this cuz it only lasted about 2 weeks LOL


The third thing that we did was probably on of my favourite assignments, the Trade Simulations! This was basically just a roleplay situation where we all sat down and traded furs, guns, hats, tokens, and a bunch more! Each item was worth a certain amount of tokens/furs, and our goal was to get one of each item (if I’m remembering correctly)! Every now and then, our teacher would throw in a new and challenging situation, e.g: “your boss tells you that you have 1 month (5 minutes IRL I think?) to collect 10 or more beaver furs or you will fall apart during the cold winter” or something like that! My team won SO HARD lol, we had like 18 beaver furs or something by the end of the game!! Oh right! Forgot to mention, each group was a different trading company, my group was the NWC (North West Company), but sitting across from us was the HBC (Hudson’s Bay Company), to the left was the Haudenosaunee Nation, and to the right was the Ouendat Nation! These were the main trading companies that we roleplayed :]


Next up is the visuals pitch! Pretty simple, just pitching what my two visuals wold be! All i had to do was edit a photo take make it more effective to the kinda “vibe” I wanted to give off! Along with some symbols to represent certain aspects of my topic. Here’s what I came up with:

topic: Les Filles du Roi

Description of the photo i plan to use: a gravel path with greens on both sides.

Visual 1 symbols:

1: a man, because there weren’t many woman before the FDR came TH New France.

2: beavers, because there were probably more beavers before the FDR started to populate New France, and their children used the beavers furs.

3: a token, because children take a lot of money to take care of.

Visual 2 symbols:

1: a bunch of children, because the FDR were brought to France to have a lot of children

2: a pregnant woman, for obvious reasons

3: a wedding ring, because the FDR had an option to marry the father of their children.


Next thing I actually had to MAKE the images! Again, pretty simples, all I had to do was copy what I wrote in my pitch and turn it into an image! After I finished the first draft, I just had to revise it! Sadly, I didn’t have any time to make a revised version, so I just stuck with the first draft since it was “good enough” Here’s what they ended up looking like (idk why the woman and her babies look so cursed lol):


If I’m being completely honest, I think that aside from my maker project “geek out blog challenge”, this was by far one of my best projects. I handed everything in, and MOSLTY on time. Not only was everything done in a timely manner, but it was also quality work! That’s NEVER happened before! I don’t know what hAppend lol, I guess I just had a lot of motivation maybe?


And now… basically the only point of these blog posts… answering the question!!


question: “What did the establishment of New France mean for the people involved

answer: “The establishment of New France meant that the people that discovered/was involved with New France to to live a life full of pride, curiosity, and happiness. They did something for the entire world, they did something amazing for the people living in Quebec now.


thank you for tapping onto my blog post, but I’m gonna tap off for now!! I hope yall have a great summer and I’ll see you sometime in September!!

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