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In this project, we were told to research and learn all we could about advertising, and conclude by creating an advertisement of our own to present to a real business. We had an interview with the business owner we were working with, and found out what they wanted for the ad. We talked to a professional on advertising, who gave us some tips and ideas on what we could do for our advertisements to make them look professional and eye-catching. We came up with multiple drafts, and eventually created one final group ad to send off to the businesses, with the hopes of getting it put up on a bus stop sign.

We were told too make ads for local businesses in The Cove, and my business that I was assigned was Covert Cafe. In this project, I struggled with extending my effort and trying my best, some items came in incomplete, while others were not handed in at all. I learned to examine advertisements online more carefully, and recognize the advertising techniques that are used in whatever I am looking at and analyze them thoughtfully. I also learned to understand advertising and appreciate it more than I ever would have without doing this project.

I created a slideshow showing all of my drafts for the ad I created, here it is:

  • In this draft I added the covert logo for the text
  • In this draft I added an image of covert for the background
  • This is my final draft. It is much more simplified than the others

I liked my final draft because it was simplistic, but also showcased a lot about Covert in a small image. It included the Covert website at the bottom of the page, and a cinnamon bun directly at the top. It had a picture that my group members took of the inside of the cafe.

Overall, I think I reached a developing level with this project. I agree with my teachers on the fact that I was capable of reaching an accomplished learning level, but I didn’t.

Sincerely, the owner of this blog post, Kate (JASPER) :]

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