Scimatics Tectonic Plates

How does the movement of Earth’s tectonic plates cause observable changes and effects?

This was the driving question for our latest project, where we had to learn about tectonic plates and create a game revolving around them.

I was in a group with Mackenzie and Francis. Our board game had multiple concepts revolving around tectonic plates. Our rules here will explain all of them to you: 


From this project, I learned how to present a board game and I learned about many of the concepts surrounding the theory of plate tectonics. Before this project, I didn’t know anything about subduction or fault lines or anything in between. This project has helped to strengthen my leadership skills and improved my ability to work in a group. I learned to be able to spread out work evenly when working on a group project, and built my knowledge on plate tectonics. I had a lot of fun designing the game board and rules and also being able to play other peoples games. Out of all the games I got to play, the most entertaining one for me was the game made by [KEENAN] and [CAMERON].

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