Therianthropy: An Educational Post (part 1)

Hello! If you are reading this, you may be wondering what the word ‘therianthropy’ means, and if you don’t know, then this post is the right thing for you!

the word therianthropy describes someone who is a Therian. A therian is someone who believes they were an animal in their past life. Most people see this as weird or wrong in some way, mainly because of the stigma and the tropes that surround therianthropy. You may have heard of that one meme, that goes “on all levels except physical, I am a wolf.” That is one of the tropes.

(Therians will often practice quadrobics, which is when you run around and jump like an animal)

On top of that, Therians know they are human! They don’t believe they are an animal, they believe they were an animal. You do not need to remind anyone who is a therian that they are human, because they know.

the next thing is the confusion between furries and Therians. There is actually a VERY big difference between furries and Therians, though there is nothing wrong with either. A therian does not have the choice to be a therian. Sometimes, therianthropy can suck a lot because of the species dysphoria (we’ll talk about that later) that they go through. Therianthropy is often glorified by children who don’t know what it’s really like. A furry has the choice to be a furry. Furries cosplay animals, and have no spiritual connection to animals whatsoever, though it is ok to be a furry and a therian at the same time.

If you have any other questions feel free to write them down in the comments :]


6 thoughts on “Therianthropy: An Educational Post (part 1)

  1. Hi Kate,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I’ve never heard of therianthropy before so it was very interesting hearing about this belief. A suggestion I have for your next post is to try and create an image slideshow. This will make the images look a lot more neat.

  2. Hey! Some of the information here is incorrect: only SOME Therians believe they were once animals. The real definition of Therian is “someone who identifies, on a non physical level, as an animal” and same goes for otherkin but with non-earthly creatures. also, not all therians require gear and quadrobics. That’s something SOME therians do to feel connected to their theriotype. again, a therian is someone who identifies as an animal on a non physical level. nothing else!!!!

    • Yeah, I wrote this post a while ago and i wasn’t as educated on the subject as I am now, sorry for any info that might have been incorrect! 🙂

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