Therianthropy: theriotypes and spirituality (pt 2)

(This article is based on my spiritual beliefs, if you donā€™t believe in that type of stuff please be respectful! Also if you havenā€™t read it I would recommend readingĀ Part 1Ā first)

A theriotype is the specific type of animal that you were in you past life. You can have more than one. To attempt to regain memories from your past life and learn what your theriotype(s) are, there are many different ways to do so! One of the most popular ones is meditation, but my favourite is the round table method (created by Finn)! You can message them or comment on their blog asking about it for an in-depth explanation. It is a very handy way to get in touch with spirit guides.

speaking of spirit guides, I should mention that if you want to learn if you are a therian or not you should definitely start by learning the basics of witchcraft. In the future I will make a post on this so keep your eyes open for it.

some signs to look out for of being a therian could be having weird animal urges or instincts, phantom tail, phantom paw, phantom ears, often dreaming about yourself as a specific animal or feeling weirdly connected to a species.

If you have any other questions feel free to write them down in the comments :]

One thought on “Therianthropy: theriotypes and spirituality (pt 2)

  1. Quick reminder that therians (I am one myself) donā€™t believe they had an animal past life. A therian is someone who identifies as an animal on a phycological or spiritual level. A lot of therian (like me) also believe in the past life theory but thatā€™s not always the case!

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