Moments Frozen In Time

This blog post is on one of my school projects, which was about taking photos in order to express creative communication. We did multiple activities to build knowledge and learn how to express emotions through moments frozen in time.

(Model is Mackenzie)

The first activity we participated in was an introduction to angles and how we can use them in a photo to give off a certain emotion or feeling. Four of the angles that we learned about (and the ones showcased above) were side view, birds eye, close up, and long shot.

In order to capture a side view angle photo, position your model so that you can see the side of their head and body (as shown above) a side view photo can symbolize many things when given the right context.

the next angle is a birds eye view angle. To capture a birds eye view photo, position your camera above your model in some way. My birds eye view photo wasn’t the best example, so here are some others

Birds eye view photos are good for making things feel smaller.

the 3rd angle I am writing about today in this post is the “close up” angle. This angle is good for getting in the moment or capturing someone’s features. To create a close up-style photo, position your model so that you are all up in their face. Then you can capture the moment.

the 4th and final angle we learned about was the long shot angle. This angle shows a subject (your model) standing well far away from the camera. To capture a long shot, position your model somewhere, take your camera and walk far away from them. They can move themselves to stand in whatever position you want them too, and when the shot looks good, create your photo.

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