mPOLs: the magic of learning

This post will be a summary of everything that I have learned this semester. I will be starting with the maker subject.

to start, I have to say that maker has been one of my favourite subjects this year. I had so much fun learning about photos, drawings, and becoming a PLP learner at the start of the year. I learned different techniques to use with my apple pencil when drawing, different angles in which I can take a photo to express emotion, and how to use keynote to the best of it’s ability.

You can learn about the different art pieces I created in this blog post

it showcases almost all of what I learned about art and drawings in that post, so I highly recommend looking at it. There will be a summary of what I learned in that post, but it won’t be as detailed as the other one.

The first thing that we explored was using pressure with our apple pencils. We learned how to create bubble letters and express ourselves through that. We learned about how we can use different textures and add pressure to give depth and emotion to our drawings. An example of my leaning here is my word bubble art.

In this example I showed how I can use shapes, words, and lines to express what I am thinking and how I am feeling. I used different pressure settings to colour and shade the letters.

In this project, we also learned how we could jot down our feelings through doodling and art. We learned about how different fonts can send different messages, and how to keep a story engaging while also being able to learn from it.

that was a few examples of my learning in this area, now let’s move on to the second part of this project: photos, A.K.A, Herzog. Here is the blog post for that topic.

in this area we were taught how to express emotion through angles and editing. We learned how to make an interesting and expressive photo, and how to add to it to make it more expressive.

some of the examples of my learning in Herzog are these photos that I took:

These are some angle photos I took with my partner in this project.

Next I’ll talk about scimatics. This semester in scimatics we learned all about lasers and tectonic plates. We learned about this through creative ways, like a laser display or a board game. For the math component, we focused on fractions and the Pythagorean theorem. Here are some things I created for scimatics this year.

This is a picture I took of my laser display for our laser project. Our theme was ghostbusters.

These are the game rules for my board game. The purpose of this was to learn about tectonic plates.

next I’m going to be talking about my humanities subject. Along with Maker, Humanities was probably my second favourite subject that I had this semester. We learned and built knowledge about acting, poems, and advertising. Throughout all these projects I think I learned a lot.

In our acting (Tableau) project was really fun and very interesting. This project was where I first learned about world view and how interesting it was. We read and watched The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton to try and get a grasp on the subject, and it worked. We saw through their eyes and how the characters saw stuff. When we finished reading the book and after we watched the movie, we planned out an event that was to be held at the winter exhibition. We were going to present a series of tableau’s, each one showcasing a different scene from the outsiders.

This is a panorama of us setting up our tableau

This is us presenting it.

next up, and my most favourite project thus far, has to be the poetry project. I really didn’t think writing and learning about poetry would be very fun, but I genuinely enjoyed it quite a bit. We learned about many different poetry terms, here is my list off terms:

We used all of these to help build our knowledge. At the end of the project we held a coffee house to show off our poetic skills!

the last project I will be talking about today is the first one we did in humanities the whole year: our advertising project.

this project was really fun, and now that I’ve done it I am able to recognize all the different methods of advertising when I watch YouTube or a TV show.

for this project, we were supposed to create an ad poster for a real business in the cove. Here is my individual ad poster:

This was my final draft. It was a lot more simplified than the others that I created, you can find them on this blog post.

And that’s it! A rough explanation of everything I was able to learn this year. It was very exciting and interesting and I cannot wait to see what PLP has in store for me next.

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