Witchcraft And It’s Connections to Therianthropy (pt 4)

This is now part 4 of my small series of blog posts: Therianthropy. In this post, I am going to be talking about witchcraft. Yes, I know what most of you are probably thinking right now, “what do you mean witchcraft? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.” But witchcraft is a real belief and is practiced by many people all over the planet, including myself.

First off, what is witchcraft? I can guarantee that it isn’t what you are picturing right now. (Most) witches are very nice people with a strong moral compass, not villains or people who deserve to be burned at the stake. Witchcraft is all about discovering yourself and helping you on your spiritual journey, not about ill will. All the stereotypes you’ve seen are complete lies, there is no cauldron or human eyes or wicked smiles.

beyond the stereotypes, witchcraft is about herbs, crystals, astrology (not the type of astrology you are thinking), the elements, and much more. People of any and all beliefs can practice witchcraft, and if you would like to learn more about it you can do some of your own research on the topic.

Now how does therianthropy and witchcraft collide? I would say most witches believe in past lives, and they are both spiritual topics. There are also many witchy ways to discover your theriotype, and most Therians (from my research) participate in witchcraft in some way.

Here are some things you absolutely need if you start practicing witchcraft.

1. A grimoire

A grimoire is basically a book in which you write down all your findings. It might include spells, rituals, herb meanings, or anything else you wish to include.


2. Various jars/herbs

These are very much necessary for spell jars, spell bags etc. herbs are very useful in the world of witchcraft. Here’s a Link to a short run down of what a spell jar is.


3. At least 1 white candle +candle colour guide

Candles are also an essential part of witchcraft. They are used for meditation, sealing spell jars, and much much more. Here is a candle colour guide, you will need this as colour magic can also be very useful.

and of course, always do your own research! Witchtok is my main resource for info, as it has many resources that come from other witches who are much more experienced then me.

Quadrobics For Dummies (therianthropy pt 3)

Hello, and welcome back to my small series of blog posts: therianthropy. This post is about the sport that is quadrobics (quads for short), and will include a small tutorial from me on how you can learn to do them!

first off, what is quadrobics? Quads is a sport in which you learn to run and jump on all fours. In my previous posts you may have seen some pictures of people doing quadrobics, and while it seems easy, quads can be very challenging and dangerous if you have no experience.

we are going to be covering 2 different parts of quadrobics, and I will link more tutorials at the bottom of the page. These 2 parts will be trotting and running.

(1. Trotting)

to trot, start by getting on all fours, and move different sides of limbs at different times.

Your wrists may hurt for the first week that you practice quadrobics, but they stop hurting after a while.

once you have mastered this movement, you can move on to running. Keep practicing until you can do it in complete comfort.

(2. Running)

running is easy. Start while standing up (this only applies if you have no experience with quads), and lean down until your hands touch the ground. Then use your hands to push off and then your feet. Repeat this until you want to stop running.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of running and trotting, you can follow these other tutorials to learn how to jump, but make sure you’ve practiced for at least 2 weeks before you attempt a jump. You could hurt yourself.

Moss_the_quadrobists jump tutorial

Atlass..jumps tutorial

Dotted.paws quads tutorial

if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments :]

Therianthropy: theriotypes and spirituality (pt 2)

(This article is based on my spiritual beliefs, if you don’t believe in that type of stuff please be respectful! Also if you haven’t read it I would recommend reading Part 1 first)

A theriotype is the specific type of animal that you were in you past life. You can have more than one. To attempt to regain memories from your past life and learn what your theriotype(s) are, there are many different ways to do so! One of the most popular ones is meditation, but my favourite is the round table method (created by Finn)! You can message them or comment on their blog asking about it for an in-depth explanation. It is a very handy way to get in touch with spirit guides.

speaking of spirit guides, I should mention that if you want to learn if you are a therian or not you should definitely start by learning the basics of witchcraft. In the future I will make a post on this so keep your eyes open for it.

some signs to look out for of being a therian could be having weird animal urges or instincts, phantom tail, phantom paw, phantom ears, often dreaming about yourself as a specific animal or feeling weirdly connected to a species.

If you have any other questions feel free to write them down in the comments :]

Therianthropy: An Educational Post (part 1)

Hello! If you are reading this, you may be wondering what the word ‘therianthropy’ means, and if you don’t know, then this post is the right thing for you!

the word therianthropy describes someone who is a Therian. A therian is someone who believes they were an animal in their past life. Most people see this as weird or wrong in some way, mainly because of the stigma and the tropes that surround therianthropy. You may have heard of that one meme, that goes “on all levels except physical, I am a wolf.” That is one of the tropes.

(Therians will often practice quadrobics, which is when you run around and jump like an animal)

On top of that, Therians know they are human! They don’t believe they are an animal, they believe they were an animal. You do not need to remind anyone who is a therian that they are human, because they know.

the next thing is the confusion between furries and Therians. There is actually a VERY big difference between furries and Therians, though there is nothing wrong with either. A therian does not have the choice to be a therian. Sometimes, therianthropy can suck a lot because of the species dysphoria (we’ll talk about that later) that they go through. Therianthropy is often glorified by children who don’t know what it’s really like. A furry has the choice to be a furry. Furries cosplay animals, and have no spiritual connection to animals whatsoever, though it is ok to be a furry and a therian at the same time.

If you have any other questions feel free to write them down in the comments :]