Quadrobics For Dummies (therianthropy pt 3)

Hello, and welcome back to my small series of blog posts: therianthropy. This post is about the sport that is quadrobics (quads for short), and will include a small tutorial from me on how you can learn to do them!

first off, what is quadrobics? Quads is a sport in which you learn to run and jump on all fours. In my previous posts you may have seen some pictures of people doing quadrobics, and while it seems easy, quads can be very challenging and dangerous if you have no experience.

we are going to be covering 2 different parts of quadrobics, and I will link more tutorials at the bottom of the page. These 2 parts will be trotting and running.

(1. Trotting)

to trot, start by getting on all fours, and move different sides of limbs at different times.

Your wrists may hurt for the first week that you practice quadrobics, but they stop hurting after a while.

once you have mastered this movement, you can move on to running. Keep practicing until you can do it in complete comfort.

(2. Running)

running is easy. Start while standing up (this only applies if you have no experience with quads), and lean down until your hands touch the ground. Then use your hands to push off and then your feet. Repeat this until you want to stop running.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of running and trotting, you can follow these other tutorials to learn how to jump, but make sure you’ve practiced for at least 2 weeks before you attempt a jump. You could hurt yourself.

Moss_the_quadrobists jump tutorial

Atlass..jumps tutorial

Dotted.paws quads tutorial

if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments :]