(FAIL, The Acronym of This Project) A Sustainable Blue Sky

“Hello again!” For the last time. Today for our final Maker post of grade 8, I will be talking about another Blue Sky. Unlike the last one, this one is not mini. Instead of all about Star Wars, Our question and solution had to fit under the umbrella of one of the UN Sustainable Goals. … Continue reading (FAIL, The Acronym of This Project) A Sustainable Blue Sky

DI Provincials in Self Isolation!

Hello! You might be surprised about this post, but although the provincial tournament for Destination Imagination was canceled, that didn’t stop PLP! After our last competition – check out that post here – the appraisers threw away our bridge. This meant that we had to rebuild a new bridge. Our goal was to get it … Continue reading DI Provincials in Self Isolation!

Destination Imagination (DIying Inside)

Have you ever heard of Destination Imagination? Well if not, it’s a pretty fun program/activity that is focused around project based learning. Destination Imagination  is a series of challenges that involve receiving a challenge and completing it in the form of a play. Our challenge, Engineering, “In the Cards” was a pretty difficult one. It involved … Continue reading Destination Imagination (DIying Inside)