Reflection… Is It The End?

Hello everybody 1 last time. Sorry, that was kind of ridiculous. This is not the end of blogging for me, as I will be submitting some of my work along my high school way. It is just the end of the student blogging challenge this year. I gotta say, while writing this post I happened to be playing the song Skyfall by Adele. Anyways, moving on.

First things first, or rather second things second. My favorite part of this student blogging chalenge was the freedom it gave you. There were parts in which I didn’t enjoy the tasks it gave us so much, but I still enjoyed this chalenge. Even though all of it wasn’t my favorite, I really liked writing the posts where you could be a bit more creative. My 100% favorite one was the photos one and a close second was the holiday one we did last week. I’m really proud of how I described copyright and the ways in which I analyzed the photo I took. The patterns in the rain… sound familiar? If not just click the “photos one” link above to view my copyright post.

Another part of the student blogging chalenge I did was the comments. I really liked reading other peoples blogs, and then being able to share my thoughts and compliments on them. I really liked that people all over the world were doing it. Writing and posting a comment was so satisfying. It was kind of like just sharing something with somebody you couldn’t necessarily  talk to face to face. Also, I have to say, I really enjoyed receiving comments from other people and seeing what they thought of my blog.


Here is a photo of my self appointed award!

I think in the futur I will definitely blog more about school and stuff, but I really like sharing my ideas with the world, so I might keep doing it in my spare time. I think it would be cool to do a blog, like, every week kind of like a diary. Then you could go back and see what your past self was up to!

Goodbye for now! Hope to communicate with you all again next year in the student blogging chalenge or just for fun!!!

– your friend, Kate

Holidays… Which Do You Celebrate?

Hello! It’s the middle of November and my mom wants to put up the Christmas lights! I celebrate Christmas, but in a very family oriented way.

To start: Each year my family celebrates Christmas, but my close family, like my parents and I, host a “Christmas Eve curry”. On Christmas Eve we invite all our close family and friends to come to our house. We do a sort of thing where everybody brings something. It’s called a potluck. It didn’t start as a curry, but after a few years we found out that almost everybody likes this type of food.

My parents send out an invite around the start-middle of November, and then they RSVP with each other and everybody who’s coming to make sure we don’t have the same food twice. We do lots of types of Indian foods and my personal favorite are the pappadams. Pappadams are kind of like really crispy and salty chips. They are the size of a dinner plate and they taste really good!


Here is how the day goes:

1. I try to sleep in but I am forced to get up and clean the house 😉

2. I clean the house and probably read a book for a while

3. My parents are in a rush to make food and my mom usually cuts herself with a knife. (She always does that when we are having guests)

4. I get dressed into slightly nicer cloths.

5. Around 20 minutes before it starts my grandparents arrive

6. My cousin who is my age arrives

7. We catch up and talk for a few minutes

8. Our friends who have twin boys that are 3 arrive (they are usually late). Me and my cousin are charged with making sure they don’t get into trouble

9. We start to eat dinner. Me and my cousin are put at the “kids table” because there’s not enough room at the normal table

10. Dinner passes in a blur and it’s time to exchange presents. Not everybody exchanges presents but the kids usually get 3 or 4 things.

11. We look at the “Santa tracker” to see when Santa is coming.

12. Everybody leaves and I go to bed to clean up the next morning.

And that’s it! My favorite holiday/day of the year.


Here is a picture of a wooden Christmas tree that I made when I was six years old.

I quite vividly remember picking out the stickers very carefully and then putting them on this tree in exactly the right spot. I really thing I had fun colouring this tree. Every Christmas I try to put it out and then I remember all the different stickers!


A poem about Christmas Eve:

Snow may or may not be falling outside

Children do not frolic, they just scream

Christmas music does not fill the air.

Again, back to the screaming

Family argues over who made the best food

We are together

We are happy

We are family!

The Power of a Pencil

Howdy-do-da! ( I really like saying that for some reason. It makes me feel accomplished and happy.)

Hello again, today I am going to be sharing and possibly reflecting on my Power of a Pencil project.

The driving question: How can we use our Apple Pencils to support our learning? I think what the driving question means, and what I was trying to think about during the project, is how can we use technology or the Apple Pencil to make our learning easier. Another way of thinking about it is how can we make it so that we make something better, or more spectacular than we could have made on paper. Another example is when we did sketch notes. We used our iPads and Apple Pencils to draw and take notes in a different way.


How was I an empowered learner during this project? I think I really tried hard and was proud of the work I did. I am not a good drawer… yet. Just kidding. I think I could draw pretty well on paper, except it never turned out the way I wanted it to in my head. During this project I realized that the iPad could really help me with these things. When we had to draw a portrait, I used lots of layers so I could trace myself and get the dimensions right. I must say though, my all time favorite thing to do was use the eraser. No smudgy marks! (Except when your using the smudge tool (;  ).


Now onto my art work. The first thing we did was the Word Art. I wrote my name and I tried to make it look like smoke floating form a fire.

The techniques and tools I used for this one used mostly the smudge tool. First I wrote my name and then did the outline of the fire, then I smudged all of it.


The second thing we did we did was sketch noting. Sketch noting is when you draw and write little symbols to help you remember things. We watched a YouTube video called The Power of Belief.We then made sketch notes on it, here are mine.

I first drew all in black and then went back and outlined/coloured in the important things.


The third thing we did was to make a self portrait using layers. Layers is a very neat tool that could be described as locking somethings in place so that you can draw over top without ruining what you had before. Here are the layers and the drawing I made.


The piece of art we made using layers was a self portrait. First I took a picture of my self wearing my favorite sweater I got in Oregon. Next I traced myself with the really thin pencil tool. Then I traced the pencil with a thicker pen. Then I added a splash of water colour and Voila!

The next step in our learning was to create a still life. A still life is when you try and draw an object that doesn’t move. One of the most important things about drawing still life is that you shade. A LOT.


I drew a bowl of fruit. First I took a picture of the bowl, then I traced it and added colour. To make the ombre effects on the grapes I put a bit of dark green, and then light green. After I got the colours just right I erased a little near the top right to be where the light is shining, then I got out my smudge tool and smudged the colours together!


The last step in our learning was to create a logo. I am very proud of my logo. It is a logo for the program I do, called PLP. I think I heard someone say, maybe my mom, that the program has 3 main pillars. This got me thinking, when somebody says pillars, my brain immediately jumps to the kind of Greek or Roman building that have pillars. I delved deeper into my theory and then tried to include all the aspects PLP is about. I’m really happy with what I came up with and I really like how there are many ways to look at my logo! Here it is: After all this, it was time for 1 final activity. The final drawing that is a new drawing from your favorite type of style. I chose the self portrait and drew a picture of me from the past. I think my mom hopped out of the car to get something and I crawled into the front seat and pretended to drive!

If you look closely at the bottom you can see I’m kneeling on the seat!


1 final thing: In retrospect, although things didn’t always turn out the way I wanted them to, I’m still really proud of the work I did on this project. I think I used my Apple Pencil and iPad well on this project to create something I couldn’t necessarily create on paper. All in all, I really liked this project and I think I learned  A lot!


Until next time,


Emojis… Are They A Language?

For the first part of the week 6 Student Blogging Chalenge I chose to make a story that you can finish in the comments if you like.

(ahem) Once upon a time there was a fish who wasn’t aloud to do anything. One day he was swimming along when a helicopter came and stole him out of the ocean! He was in the helicopter when he realized that there were other animals too. The one he specifically noticed was a turtle. He was still looking around when he noticed also in the helicopter was a girl. She was looking at a bee and talking to it. He couldn’t make out all the words but he heard: little pet, keep and forever. This was when he got really mad. He head butted the glass of his tank, and ended up on the seat of a bicycle. He then jumped of the bicycle and flew through the air back into the ocean which the helicopter was flying over! The end. Epilogue. Three years later the fish was sitting in his coral house eating ice cream when… (for you to finish!)

Here are the emoji prompts I used to create my story!


Now onto an emoji guessing game! All these emojis are really weird expressions we keep saying and people don’t always understand!An example of the type of expression would  be:  Under weather, for if someone is sick or not feeling well.

1. “It’s raining cats and dogs!” 2. “Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.” 3. “Penny for your thoughts?” 4. “Cost me an arm and a leg!” 5. “It’s a piece of cake!”

Now for the last part I made an emoji that I think I would use often. I like the rolling eyes emoji but sometimes it’s kind of hard to tell if I’m joking or not. To change that, my emoji looks like me and the mouth is kind of smiley. My favorite part of me (the emoji) is that it’s perfect for when you’re  joking that you’re  annoyed with someone and you don’t want them to get accidentally offended. I really think that for some reason my emoji really captured me in real life. I think that the expression on my face is one I wear often; I’m joking around pretending to be serious but you can still see that under all that there is a hint of laughter. I like pretending that I don’t find the whole thing hilarious and then bursting into laughter when I can’t hold it in anymore


Well, thanks again for reading

bye for now



The Medium Is The Message… And How Does It Influence Us?

Howdy! It’s November, I can’t believe it! About a week and a bit ago we got back from our Oregon field school. So, now I’m here to talk about what we did. First things first, we went to Oregon to get some real life experience on advertising (and other things) But before that, there were a lot of steps leading up to Oregon. It all started with us doing this project called “The Medium Is The Message”. It’s a project where we had to find out a lot about advertising and sharing thoughts and ideas. Here is one of the first and pretty important things I learned. It’s not important to the project, but it’s important to how I understood the project. Here it is: The word “medium” is the singular version of media. This blew my mind. I had no clue of this fact. Anyways, now we are done the project and the last step we have to do is our reflection.  Here are, in my opinion, some of the most important steps in this project.

MILESTONE 1: Welcome home dissection.

For milestone 1 we had to watch and then dissect an ad. The ad be watched was called “welcome home” and is advertising the Apple HomePod. Click here to watch it.  The dissection didn’t have to be long, just a paragraph. The skills we were being assessed for were: Text Comprehension and Appreciation Strategies. This means that we had to explain what the ad was trying to say and then how it was saying it.  I didn’t do very well on this milestone, but thankfully there were lots of other opportunities to show my work on this skill. This step was showing us how to understand text and trying to teach us how to see that everything we see makes us think about something. 

Here is my analysis of the welcome home ad. I was able to think about the different colours they used and why and the different ways they showed emotion.




MILESTONE 2: An Advertising Survey. 

In milestone 2 we were given some questions we had to answer. These questions were about advertising on everyday products. An example of 1 of the questions is “Have you ever bought any products based solely on advertising? Which and why?” After we were done answering the questions, we then had to ask them to an older demographic than us, and see how their answers differ from ours. I asked my Grandpa because he is not just 1 generation but 2 generations older than me. I recorded his answers but I am not going to include the questions in this post. They were not the most important part. The most important part of this assignment was the paragraph we wrote, describing the relation between my answers to the questions and my grandpa’s.Competency Being Assessed: Historical Perspectives.  This means we had to explain “different perspectives on past or present people, places, issues, or events, and compare the values, worldviews, and beliefs of human cultures and societies in different times and places.” The thing this part of the project is trying to teach us is that people who are older than us may see something differently, and that each ad is trying to appear differently or better to a certain demographic or, target audience

Here is my paragraph: 

The paragraph: “For the first questions it asks if we collect any advertising products. My grandpa said that he did not come into contact with these things where as I do come into contact with them, just I just don’t buy them. I think this shows that with an older demographic such as my grandpa, he doesn’t believe in these things, he never started, so he never has to stop. But I come into contact with these things, and I don’t strongly disagree like he does, I’m just not interested. I think this all means that he was raised in a time where you could do things with out ads popping up constantly. So now when they are everywhere, he just ignores them.

Grandpa believes that if you like something, you should buy it. Not because the advertisement for the product was the most creative. I believe that the better the ad, the more effort they put into it, so the more effort they are going to put into the product. Our world views are pretty different, because he focuses on the product and I focus on how the product was made.

Milestone 4: the Highest Tide analysis

For this Milestone we took the long process of reading the book The Highest Tide By Jim Lynch. In the book, the main character Miles finds a giant squid and then suddenly the news people are really interested in him. Miles is a little wary at first but then warms up to them. In the end he realizes that what he is thinking is more important to himself and the people who care about him, he doesn’t need to share everything with the press. We had to read the book and then analyze it.

stacyr / Pixabay

Competency Being Assessed: Literary Identification and Analysis. This means that we had to use literary devices and analyze the text throughly. I think this step in the project is to teach us about how news people act, and how to understand why people do what they do when trying to collect stories. Here is my analysis:

In the Highest Tide by Jim Lynch, did the conflicts with the media lead to the start of when Miles started to learn about his emotions? During the book, Miles went through a lot of conflict, What with his mom moving out, the media’s sudden interest in him and Florence’s death, but when does Miles start to appreciate and learn about his emotions? In the start of the book Miles doesn’t really think about anything of real importance to his emotions, mostly just about sea life. For example, he states that he can’t read a Rachel Carson book and then fall asleep, so he is thinking more about that than anything going on in his family. In the second part of the book, the setting really changes; like when he visits the cult, and he starts to think about what people think of him. When Miles is at the cult’s place, he at first doesn’t want to talk about sea life, but then can’t stop talking even when he realizes that there is a news reporter there. Near the end of the book when Florence dies, Miles realizes that he can’t let the news people see that he is upset, he has to pretend everything is fine. Jim Lynch uses words to describe things like grey, somber and souls howling to portray the fact that all is not right with the world. In the end, I think that Miles learned that you have to be carful with what you say and act around the media because everything is connected to the media, and that his emotions are his alone to feel, not share with the world.

(Just a little side note here, there are three types of persuasive techniques. Pathos, Ethos and Logos. Pathos appeals to you emotionally. Ethos appeals to your sense of credibility in the product. And Logos appeals to your sense of logic, like if something makes sense. We will come back to this later, I’m just warning you, it has something to do with different types of people. 

Milestone 5 and 6: Awesome Ads

For this step 5 we had to make ads for a business in  Deep Cove and then for a business in Oregon. My business in deep cove was deep cove kayaks I think my ads started out ok and then really progressed throughout the different revisions. We had to do A LOT of revisions for these ads. First we had to interview the business and then we could get to work on our ads. Here is a slide show of my deep cove ads:

  • Draft 1
  • Draft 2
  • Draft 3
  • Final Draft

My first draft could have been a lot better. I just used a photo I didn’t take and I didn’t take and my colours didn’t really follow the colours of Deep Cove Kayaks.

My second draft wasn’t terrible but there was still way too much writing.

My third draft was a big improvement but I still didn’t use white space correctly

My final draft I am actually pretty proud of. I used the right amount of writing to pictures, I used the space correctly and I used the right colours. I am really happy with the evolution and how this latest one turned out!

I think the point in the ads step in this project was to learn how to create ads. I think this is what the whole project was leading up to and now it’s our chance to use all we learned! The driving question for this project was: how does what we hear, read, and see influence us. I think this is the part where we could put all that we learned in the past milestones and stepping stones into our ads. I think that different styles of ads, even really sneaky ones, influence us in different ways. Throughout this project I developed a theory that there are 3 different types of people. 1) the people who are more moved by funny things. 2) the type that if the ad is emotional it really sticks with them and they are constantly thinking about it. 3) the type that really likes it if there is something in the ad that is really smart and really sticks with them, they are thinking about how it works all day. I am the third type of person. These three things also line up with pathos, ethos and logos. I think advertisement developers have this theory too and they make ads that line up with these 3 types of people and/or a different demographic.


Now on to the Oregon ads. I think these are also really good and I am REALLY PROUD (with lots of emphasis) of my Oregon ads. Our business is Clark’s. We really did a good job on the interview and I think that my ads have really improved since the start of this projet.

  • Draft 1
  • Draft 2
  • Draft 3

I think my first draft was ok, but I didn’t have any photos yet and it was a bit wordy.

My draft 2 was definitely and improvement but it was still a bit wordy and it didn’t really make sense

My draft three was a big improvement but it still didn’t look right. I think the photos didn’t blend together very well in a seamless ad. Some of the feedback I got was that I needed to make it look like someone other than me made it.

My final draft was BEAUTIFUL I am very impressed with myself for making something beautiful like this.

In conclusion, I think my ads need to include more pictures and less words, but overall I really got better at advertisement making.




All about… MUSIC!!!

Music is a beautiful thing. It can make you laugh or cry, sing along or cover your ears. I think that in EVERY single persons life, there is at least a bit of music. I enjoy music. I sing along in the car, I try to right songs, and my favorite, I play the flute. I play in band at my school 2 times a week and I practice a few times (wink wink)( I don’t practice that much).


jeongsunyun / Pixabay


The flute is my favorite instrument ( I have played piano, viola and now flute). The closest version to a modern day flute was made by Theobald Boehm, who lived from 1794-1881. The flute is classified in the woodwind group although it does not have a reed. Instead, sound is made by air (that you blow) passing over the mouthpiece.


I play the flute a lot so I will add a video of me playing the “hanging tree” from the Hunger Games.


The Hunger Games is one of my favorite books!


For the last part of this post I’m going to include one of my playlists. This one is full of sad songs that really make me thankful for some reason. They remind me that there are lots of people who love me and that there are lots of people who are really happy with what they do. These artists are proud of their music and they want to share it with the world. These are the songs that have come on when there is something important or really, REALLY happy going on.

Well bye for now! I hope you can listen to some of these songs and see why I like them!


Oregon Field Study

About a week and a half ago we got back from Oregon. It was an amazing trip! We did so many fun things like ziplining, visiting the Oregon State University to learn about sea animals, seeing a rare cobblestone beach, quests and much more!

Along the trip we wrote down things we did each day in a journal, and now we will never forget!



Here’s the book I made!

After finishing the book we have to think about the core competency and write down our thoughts:


“Core Competency: Thinking about Thinking (Metacognition) 
Being aware of your own thoughts, strategies, feelings and actions and their effects on others.”
First things First: what is impulsivity. Impulsivity in short terms, is when you do something without thinking about if it is a good idea. An example: All of the sudden, you decide to take a hike, into the woods, without bear spray, on a whim.
But how are these things connected, you might ask? Impulsivity is when you don’t think about doing whatever your going to do. Metacognition is when you think about thinking about the thing your thinking of. See the connection? Metacognition and impulsivity are opposites, slow and fast, good and evil. That’s not saying impulsivity is a bad thing, it’s just not always a good thing all the time.
So how did I manage my impulsivity on the trip?:
-I tried to think before speaking. Unfortunately this didn’t always work, sometimes I just blurted things out. Fortunately though, as the trip went on, I managed to improve and by the end it had become a problem. I would start a sentence, not finish it. Start a question, not answer it. So then I tried to say whatever popped into my head for a day, and it worked! I am now still trying to finish all my sentences, and I am getting better.
– When working in a group I try to ask the people if they agree with what my idea is before I do it. I am actually pretty good at this one. My 1 problem though is that if I think it’s a really good idea I might just do it anyways, but thankfully I only did this a few times on this trip. I managed to not do it by trying to see my idea from other people’s point of view. I also tried to ask them for there reasons to why they thought my idea was a bad idea.
-When answering a question, I tried to raise my hand. On the trip I think I did a pretty good job of raising my hand before answering a question. I am generally good at this because I don’t like everybody watching when I blurt something out.
Now all this explains how I managed my impulsivity, but mixed in with these are how I thought interdependently, worked as a group and discussed things with my class!
thanks for reading,

Tectonic Plates… What Are They?

So you might already know but I am in PLP (performance learning program). In PLP there is one class that is a combination of math and science: scimatics. In scimatics we just had to write a book about tectonic plates. I learned lots of things including what they are, how they move and why we know about them.

During scimatics we just had to right a book on tectonic plates. So here are the basics. What is a tectonic plate? Tectonic plates are huge plates covering the earth in the crust made of rock. They move on top of the mantle using convection currents. Convection currents are when hot things rise (because they are less dense) and cold things sink (because they are more dense). This creates a circle like motion that moves tectonic plates very slowly over billions of years together and apart.

All this is very great except that I didn’t know all this when I started. So  I had to learn! In class we did a lot of reading textbooks and now I know some more. I asked some questions in a mind map at the start of this project and now I am going to answer them with my new knowledge.

Tectonic plates

Just click on the link above to view the mind map.

Some Core Competencies and how I used them:

“Evaluating: Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of evidence.” I think I used this one by doing research, and then trying to find how this is possible. I think that I could improve on this skill a little in the next project by trying to find more evidence and facts that was necessary.

“Questioning and predicting: Demonstrate a sustained intellectual curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest.” I think I used this competency by finding something that interested me- volcanos, how and why they explode- and then writing a book about them. I think I improved a bit on this competency and that I did a really good job showing this competency and I am proud of my work and learning.

“Applying and innovating: Contribute to care for self, others, community, and world through personal or collaborative approaches.” I read my book to my buddies and I think I did a good job helping them understand it. I asked them some questions at the end and they understood most of the things I said in the book.