Emojis… Are They A Language?

For the first part of the week 6 Student Blogging Chalenge I chose to make a story that you can finish in the comments if you like.

(ahem) Once upon a time there was a fish who wasn’t allowed to do anything. One day he was swimming along when a helicopter came and stole him out of the ocean! He was in the helicopter when he realized that there were other animals too. The one he specifically noticed was a turtle. He was still looking around when he noticed also in the helicopter was a girl. She was looking at a bee and talking to it. He couldn’t make out all the words but he heard: little pet, keep and forever. This was when he got really mad. He head butted the glass of his tank, and ended up on the seat of a bicycle. He then jumped of the bicycle and flew through the air back into the ocean which the helicopter was flying over! The end. Epilogue. Three years later the fish was sitting in his coral house eating ice cream when… (for you to finish!)

Here are the emoji prompts I used to create my story!


Now onto an emoji guessing game! All these emojis are really weird expressions we keep saying and people don’t always understand!An example of the type of expression would  be:  Under weather, for if someone is sick or not feeling well.

1. “It’s raining cats and dogs!” 2. “Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.” 3. “Penny for your thoughts?” 4. “Cost me an arm and a leg!” 5. “It’s a piece of cake!”

Now for the last part I made an emoji that I think I would use often. I like the rolling eyes emoji but sometimes it’s kind of hard to tell if I’m joking or not. To change that, my emoji looks like me and the mouth is kind of smiley. My favorite part of me (the emoji) is that it’s perfect for when you’re  joking that you’re  annoyed with someone and you don’t want them to get accidentally offended. I really think that for some reason my emoji really captured me in real life. I think that the expression on my face is one I wear often; I’m joking around pretending to be serious but you can still see that under all that there is a hint of laughter. I like pretending that I don’t find the whole thing hilarious and then bursting into laughter when I can’t hold it in anymore


Well, thanks again for reading

bye for now



11 thoughts on “Emojis… Are They A Language?

  1. Good evening Kate. My name is Collin. I a from the USA. Where are you from? I really enjoyed this blog post. The emoji story was done very well. Then the emojis that went with the story were well picked. To me the emoji guessing game was well picked. One thing that you could add is at the top of the guessing game you could put a title like ” THESE ARE QUOTES.” You should come and check out my blog page. My blog URL is 2025cjc.edublogs.org.

  2. Hey Kate, my name is Cayden. I think you did an outstanding job on this post. The emoji guessing game was interesting and very clever. While the story you put up there was very cool along with the emojis picked for it. Anyways keep up the great work and check out my blog posts at http://2025cmr.edublogs.org/

  3. Hello Kate! Im Abby! I loved the format of your blog. Mostly the font. I liked how you included the emoji game and what it was. I love that game! I also think that some ways that people use emojis bring me to tears of joy! I had an incident with my grandma after a friend passed away. She sent the family a message saying lol thinking it ment lots of love! Come visit my blog http://2025moroza.edublogs.org/

  4. Hi Kate! I am Brooke. This blog post was great! It was very interesting to read and it was fun to read too. Especially the emoji guessing game was fun. Also I love how you wrote the blog out and the pictures you put in were great! And, how you related to some of the things made the blog even more interesting. Have you ever thought of making an official game? I really liked your blog and I hope you come visit mine too! http://2025bmk.edublogs.org/

  5. Hello Kate, my name is Logan. I like your story. It’s very funny and is kind of suspenseful if more was put into it but it was good. Did you know that the weirdest phobia in the world is the phobia of long words. and the scientific name for the phobia is a long word. Come to my blog at http://2025lc.edublogs.org/ for some more weird stuff.

  6. Hey Kate, I’m Lucas. I think you did a phenomenal job creating your post! It’s funny how so many people use emojis to communicate with each other. Your short story was pretty cool too. Anyway, keep up the great work and please check out my blog at http://2025lrb.edublogs.org/


  7. Hi Kate, my name is Keira and I really enjoyed your post. I thought that your emoji was great because when I send the rolling eyes emoji people don’t get that you are joking but with your emoji you can definitely tell that. Come and visit my blog https://2025kem.edublogs.org/

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