Reflection… Is It The End?

Hello everybody 1 last time. Sorry, that was kind of ridiculous. This is not the end of blogging for me, as I will be submitting some of my work along my high school way. It is just the end of the student blogging challenge this year. I gotta say, while writing this post I happened to be playing the song Skyfall by Adele. Anyways, moving on.

First things first, or rather second things second. My favorite part of this student blogging chalenge was the freedom it gave you. There were parts in which I didn’t enjoy the tasks it gave us so much, but I still enjoyed this chalenge. Even though all of it wasn’t my favorite, I really liked writing the posts where you could be a bit more creative. My 100% favorite one was the photos one and a close second was the holiday one we did last week. I’m really proud of how I described copyright and the ways in which I analyzed the photo I took. The patterns in the rain… sound familiar? If not just click the “photos one” link above to view my copyright post.

Another part of the student blogging chalenge I did was the comments. I really liked reading other peoples blogs, and then being able to share my thoughts and compliments on them. I really liked that people all over the world were doing it. Writing and posting a comment was so satisfying. It was kind of like just sharing something with somebody you couldn’t necessarily  talk to face to face. Also, I have to say, I really enjoyed receiving comments from other people and seeing what they thought of my blog.


Here is a photo of my self appointed award!

I think in the futur I will definitely blog more about school and stuff, but I really like sharing my ideas with the world, so I might keep doing it in my spare time. I think it would be cool to do a blog, like, every week kind of like a diary. Then you could go back and see what your past self was up to!

Goodbye for now! Hope to communicate with you all again next year in the student blogging chalenge or just for fun!!!

– your friend, Kate

One thought on “Reflection… Is It The End?

  • December 2, 2019 at 12:16 pm


    Thanks for participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. It sounds like you have gotten a lot out of the challenge.

    I enjoyed reading your posts. One of my favorites was your holiday post. It was fun learning how your family celebrates. Your house must smell amazing as the curry is cooking. I love eating poppadoms too!

    Be sure to keep reaching out and commenting on other blog sites. Don’t forget to send links to your blog for others to check out.

    Once again, congratulations on completing the 8 weeks of the student blogging challenge. I hope that there will be many more blog posts in your future!

    Happy blogging!
    Ms. H.
    STUBC Commenter
    New Jersey, USA


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