mPOLs… Huh?

mPOLs, what are they? mPOLs are “Mid Year Reflections of Learning.” What we have to do is write a blog post about our year, goals, thoughts, questions and basically reflections about our learning. It is basically the PLP version of parent-teacher conferences, except that these are student lead.

Here is the driving question: What is your learning goal that you want  to reach by the end of this school year, and how will you meet it?

When I first started working on this presentation, I didn’t really know how to “tell a story.” So I decided to start with the things I did know. My favourite thing to do is write, I like writing essays, fiction, and even letters! So maybe if I tried to put it all down on a page that would help. So I wrote bullet points of all the things I wanted to talk about. 

  • The project that I failed on

I think the project I did very badly with this year was “The Medium Is The Message.” I didn’t really understand if something looked good or not. A lot of my ads were WAY to wordy. I didn’t get how you were supposed to convey things without words. I wasn’t good at taking photo’s, and whenever I did, they didn’t go with what I was trying to say. My parents actually helped me with one particular draft in which my words conveyed the complete opposite meaning.

“Where you used to go?” Seriously? That kind of gives the impression that it is completely run down, and that you can only go there if you’re, like,  80 years old. Also, the black line in the middle? In retrospect I probably could have made it look a little better. Now though, thinking back, I have learned something, and every draft that wasn’t good, the next one got better. I continue with this learning, and while watching TV I do identify ads based on Pathos, Ethos and Logos! 

  • The project I’m most proud of 

I think the project that I really had fun doing, and enjoyed, was our second project in scimatics, Tectonic Plates Book. Like I said earlier, reading and writing is my favourite thing EVER! I really like how I can express my thoughts and feelings, without stumbling over my words.

Here is a good example of how I think I can be creative and go outside the box with writing. Whatever I write doesn’t have to look the way other books do. It’s like whatever is in my head, I can draw with words. Of course I also learned a lot about tectonic plates. For example the fact that some hills are created by 2 different types of tectonic plates forcing under the other.

  • Things I struggle with

Some struggles I have are when we are working in groups. I try to listen to others ideas, but although I listen, I might not always go along with it. This year I really realized that just because I don’t like something, it doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea. I’m getting better, although sometimes when there are some crazy ideas, I might veto them without considering them seriously. I have learned that sometimes the craziest of ideas make the building blocks for a good project.

  • Team work

I’m getting better at team work, and I think a good example of this is the Winter Exhibition. We worked together really well when setting up the Death Star. Some people cleaned, some added decoration, some curtained… etc. I worked really hard, and I feel like other people did too. I tried to accept all ideas, and this was a group in which we all contributed pretty equally. This leads to my goal:

The Death Star/ Library

Don’t feel responsible for others’ work and learning, just focus on your own. 

  • Goals to continue with

I think this is a good goal for me. I always feel really worried that other people won’t do their work. I become slightly freaked out when I realize that I can’t change what other people do. I need to be open. Maybe if I tried to not be in charge in one of the group projects we do next. When I try to let it go, let it be what it is, I forget to trust. I feel as though everything that needs to be done is impossible. That if I don’t do it, no one will. I need to believe that other people will step up and do it. The first part of this year has really helped me realize that I can’t just assume people will follow me. I need to lead by example. This has allowed me to think about how I could improve MY OWN work, not others.

Another problem I have is that get a teensie, little bit, very small, mediumish bit stressed. I would like how to learn to balance my school and work with some fun and time to relax! I don’t think my problem is time management, here is my Things, which is pretty full of the stuff I need to to and when. I think my problem is just to stop focusing on that, and shift my attention to something else.

Now lastly, on to my question:

While focusing on MY OWN learning, how can I do work well, and shift away from school during other activities?

Thanks for reading!


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