Destination Imagination (DIying Inside)

Have you ever heard of Destination Imagination? Well if not, it’s a pretty fun program/activity that is focused around project based learning. Destination Imagination  is a series of challenges that involve receiving a challenge and completing it in the form of a play. Our challenge, Engineering, “In the Cards” was a pretty difficult one. It involved building a bridge out of cards and duct tape!

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It’s The End of our World — sorry

Hello again! You might find the title of this post a little strange. (Can I just sentence there? Is a comma called for?) Me and my friends Erin and Indy just recorded our final song and photo essay.

Did you watch it? Does the title make more sense now? If you hadn’t guessed, mine is the part with some apologizing in it. This song is supposed to represent our transition from grade 7 to 8. I have to say, mine wasn’t the easiest. I go to a different school than all my friends. I didn’t have a lot before, but I had 3 or 4 good ones. I do know one person at this new school, and we have become pretty good friends. I wasn’t a supper confident person before, but after switching schools something happened. I didn’t make any new friends, which made me really doubt myself. Because of this… well, I kinda feel like everybody’s judging me. This sounds a bit ridiculous. It drives me crazy, but now I can’t talk properly. At least every 3 sentences has “sorry” in it. Just for being myself.

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Taaaaaa daaAAA! *Flush* Don’t worry, I’m not in the bathroom. The object I designed for the Ultimate Design Challenge (or UDC) was a toilet. Specifically a toilet for an airplane. Have you every been in one? They are extremely unpleasant. Me and my group, Ryan and Amy, decided to each design different parts of the toilet. Ryan = the outer walls, Amy = a tray sink. The theme of this project was designing objects for either maximum surface area, or maximum volume. More on this later. My favourite part of this project was designing the object/toilet. At the start, I really struggled with it, but then I got the hang of TinkerCad (the 3D design program.) At the end of the project we had to make a Keynote detailing all the calculations and formulas.

  • What it looked like
  • Surface Area to Volume ratio
  • My calculations
  • To much Surface Area!!!


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