Argh Matey! Land Ho!

So, you might be thinking it’s a bit weird for there to be a blog post in the middle of “physical distancing.” Well, in fact, it is! If you haven’t read my previous post, check it out  here. It explains how even the biggest hurdles can’t stop PLP! I think I’ll miss that, but onto the project. The one we just completed was kind of a joint projet between Scimatics and Humanities. You might be wondering how Science, Social Studies and English might all be in a project together, but it just involves some creative thinking!!! Some highlights of the project were learning how to pronounce “Dengue virus.” It actually came down to me telling my moms about the project, and then they were like “what on earth is “den-gue.” If you were wondering how it’s actually pronounced, it’s “deng-gei.” Yup, it’s a weird one. Well, lets start from the beginning. I’m going to try and alternate Scimatics Milestones and Humanities, at least until they start being joined.

First, the Driving Question(s)

What is the historical significance of your explorer? (Guess which subject this is for? You got it, Humanities)

How do cells and diseases interact? (Yup, and this is for Scimatics.)

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It’s The End of our World — sorry

Hello again! You might find the title of this post a little strange. (Can I just sentence there? Is a comma called for?) Me and my friends Erin and Indy just recorded our final song and photo essay.

Did you watch it? Does the title make more sense now? If you hadn’t guessed, mine is the part with some apologizing in it. This song is supposed to represent our transition from grade 7 to 8. I have to say, mine wasn’t the easiest. I go to a different school than all my friends. I didn’t have a lot before, but I had 3 or 4 good ones. I do know one person at this new school, and we have become pretty good friends. I wasn’t a supper confident person before, but after switching schools something happened. I didn’t make any new friends, which made me really doubt myself. Because of this… well, I kinda feel like everybody’s judging me. This sounds a bit ridiculous. It drives me crazy, but now I can’t talk properly. At least every 3 sentences has “sorry” in it. Just for being myself.

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This Changes Everything… Right?

So… to start with an introduction. Intro… Intro… Intro… Oh well 😔. Maybe I’ll try a different tactic. Back to the bullet points:


Working everyday! Not getting payed! Not having enough food! That is what life was like for most people in the Middle Ages.

We just finished a project on Change and Continuity in the Middle Ages. Imagine living back then! It would have been really difficult, especially if you were a serf. We started the project by learning about the feudal system. We did a lot of fun activities around this, including each picking a different role. I ended up as a serf and a merchant, and I wrote some interesting things on this. (To be visited later).

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The Medium Is The Message… And How Does It Influence Us?

Howdy! It’s November, I can’t believe it! About a week and a bit ago we got back from our Oregon field school. So, now I’m here to talk about what we did. First things first, we went to Oregon to get some real life experience on advertising (and other things) But before that, there were a lot of steps leading up to Oregon. It all started with us doing this project called “The Medium Is The Message”. It’s a project where we had to find out a lot about advertising and sharing thoughts and ideas. Here is one of the first and pretty important things I learned. It’s not important to the project, but it’s important to how I understood the project. Here it is: The word “medium” is the singular version of media. This blew my mind. I had no clue of this fact. Anyways, now we are done the project and the last step we have to do is our reflection.  Here are, in my opinion, some of the most important steps in this project.

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