Witness to History!

Aren’t we all? This is a pretty good title of our project. (I did not come up with it). The theme of this project was that we were witnessing the history of COVID-19. It’s a pretty bad scenario right now, but we can always make the best of it! The way we are trying to do that right now is through photo essays. The driving question of this project was:

How can we, as photojournalists, tell stories of our community during
this period of physical distancing?

And honestly, I think it’s a really good driving question. It really makes you think about multiple things. What do photojournalists do? What is our community? How will I show physical distancing? And these are all the questions I asked in my head upon hearing the driving question. But I have to say, I’m proud of how far I’ve come. And so here is my answer to the driving question. I think it’s pretty hard to answer it with just a few sentences but I’ll try my best. Plus, I also have the photo essay to show my answer. Well, here goes!

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DI Provincials in Self Isolation!

Hello! You might be surprised about this post, but although the provincial tournament for Destination Imagination was canceled, that didn’t stop PLP! After our last competition – check out that post here – the appraisers threw away our bridge. This meant that we had to rebuild a new bridge. Our goal was to get it done in the two weeks we had left before spring break.

Not actually the bridge Jakub made, but a similar model.

While rebuilding our bridge, we tried to focus on the one huge problem we had last time: NOT BUILDING THE BRIDGE FAST ENOUGH!  This was a serious issue because we then ran out of time to finish our skit. But how would we accomplish this? Our goal was to have less pieces. We attempted this, but it was difficult. It meant that each piece had to weigh the same amount, but be bigger. We didn’t get a chance to finish it however, because then came spring break.

Another change we decided to try and make was more practicing. Well, I’m not sure if it’s a change, but it would have certainly been from last time. We thought more practicing could help us assemble the bridge faster, and with greater ease. Also, if you watched the previous video, it would mean less stalling for me and Jakub!

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Destination Imagination (DIying Inside)

Have you ever heard of Destination Imagination? Well if not, it’s a pretty fun program/activity that is focused around project based learning. Destination Imagination  is a series of challenges that involve receiving a challenge and completing it in the form of a play. Our challenge, Engineering, “In the Cards” was a pretty difficult one. It involved building a bridge out of cards and duct tape!

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mPOLs… Huh?

mPOLs, what are they? mPOLs are “Mid Year Reflections of Learning.” What we have to do is write a blog post about our year, goals, thoughts, questions and basically reflections about our learning. It is basically the PLP version of parent-teacher conferences, except that these are student lead.

Here is the driving question: What is your learning goal that you want  to reach by the end of this school year, and how will you meet it?

When I first started working on this presentation, I didn’t really know how to “tell a story.” So I decided to start with the things I did know. My favourite thing to do is write, I like writing essays, fiction, and even letters! So maybe if I tried to put it all down on a page that would help. So I wrote bullet points of all the things I wanted to talk about. 

  • The project that I failed on

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Star Wars and LAUNCH

Hello again! I know it’s been a while, but we took a break from writing blogs over winter break. But now I’m back!!! In this blog post I will be talking about our “mini Blue Sky” project, and also the winter exhibition. The winter exhibition is when we do a big project and then show off our learning to all the parents and just people who want to come. This time the theme was Star Wars and we transformed the library into the Death Star! Now to the project.

For the mini Blue Sky project, our theme was Star Wars.  To do this project we had to follow the LAUNCH cycle. The driving question was “How can we build an answer to our own inquiry?” 

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The Power of a Pencil

Howdy-do-da! ( I really like saying that for some reason. It makes me feel accomplished and happy.)

Hello again, today I am going to be sharing and possibly reflecting on my Power of a Pencil project.

The driving question: How can we use our Apple Pencils to support our learning? I think what the driving question means, and what I was trying to think about during the project, is how can we use technology or the Apple Pencil to make our learning easier. Another way of thinking about it is how can we make it so that we make something better, or more spectacular than we could have made on paper. Another example is when we did sketch notes. We used our iPads and Apple Pencils to draw and take notes in a different way.

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