Reflection… Is It The End?

Hello everybody 1 last time. Sorry, that was kind of ridiculous. This is not the end of blogging for me, as I will be submitting some of my work along my high school way. It is just the end of the student blogging challenge this year. I gotta say, while writing this post I happened to be playing the song Skyfall by Adele. Anyways, moving on.

First things first, or rather second things second. My favorite part of this student blogging chalenge was the freedom it gave you. There were parts in which I didn’t enjoy the tasks it gave us so much, but I still enjoyed this chalenge. Even though all of it wasn’t my favorite, I really liked writing the posts where you could be a bit more creative. My 100% favorite one was the photos one and a close second was the holiday one we did last week. I’m really proud of how I described copyright and the ways in which I analyzed the photo I took. The patterns in the rain… sound familiar? If not just click the “photos one” link above to view my copyright post.

Another part of the student blogging chalenge I did was the comments. I really liked reading other peoples blogs, and then being able to share my thoughts and compliments on them. I really liked that people all over the world were doing it. Writing and posting a comment was so satisfying. It was kind of like just sharing something with somebody you couldn’t necessarily  talk to face to face. Also, I have to say, I really enjoyed receiving comments from other people and seeing what they thought of my blog.


Here is a photo of my self appointed award!

I think in the futur I will definitely blog more about school and stuff, but I really like sharing my ideas with the world, so I might keep doing it in my spare time. I think it would be cool to do a blog, like, every week kind of like a diary. Then you could go back and see what your past self was up to!

Goodbye for now! Hope to communicate with you all again next year in the student blogging chalenge or just for fun!!!

– your friend, Kate

Holidays… Which Do You Celebrate?

Hello! It’s the middle of November and my mom wants to put up the Christmas lights! I celebrate Christmas, but in a very family oriented way.

To start: Each year my family celebrates Christmas, but my close family, like my parents and I, host a “Christmas Eve curry”. On Christmas Eve we invite all our close family and friends to come to our house. We do a sort of thing where everybody brings something. It’s called a potluck. It didn’t start as a curry, but after a few years we found out that almost everybody likes this type of food.

My parents send out an invite around the start-middle of November, and then they RSVP with each other and everybody who’s coming to make sure we don’t have the same food twice. We do lots of types of Indian foods and my personal favorite are the pappadams. Pappadams are kind of like really crispy and salty chips. They are the size of a dinner plate and they taste really good!


Here is how the day goes:

1. I try to sleep in but I am forced to get up and clean the house 😉

2. I clean the house and probably read a book for a while

3. My parents are in a rush to make food and my mom usually cuts herself with a knife. (She always does that when we are having guests)

4. I get dressed into slightly nicer cloths.

5. Around 20 minutes before it starts my grandparents arrive

6. My cousin who is my age arrives

7. We catch up and talk for a few minutes

8. Our friends who have twin boys that are 3 arrive (they are usually late). Me and my cousin are charged with making sure they don’t get into trouble

9. We start to eat dinner. Me and my cousin are put at the “kids table” because there’s not enough room at the normal table

10. Dinner passes in a blur and it’s time to exchange presents. Not everybody exchanges presents but the kids usually get 3 or 4 things.

11. We look at the “Santa tracker” to see when Santa is coming.

12. Everybody leaves and I go to bed to clean up the next morning.

And that’s it! My favorite holiday/day of the year.


Here is a picture of a wooden Christmas tree that I made when I was six years old.

I quite vividly remember picking out the stickers very carefully and then putting them on this tree in exactly the right spot. I really thing I had fun colouring this tree. Every Christmas I try to put it out and then I remember all the different stickers!


A poem about Christmas Eve:

Snow may or may not be falling outside

Children do not frolic, they just scream

Christmas music does not fill the air.

Again, back to the screaming

Family argues over who made the best food

We are together

We are happy

We are family!

Emojis… Are They A Language?

For the first part of the week 6 Student Blogging Chalenge I chose to make a story that you can finish in the comments if you like.

(ahem) Once upon a time there was a fish who wasn’t aloud to do anything. One day he was swimming along when a helicopter came and stole him out of the ocean! He was in the helicopter when he realized that there were other animals too. The one he specifically noticed was a turtle. He was still looking around when he noticed also in the helicopter was a girl. She was looking at a bee and talking to it. He couldn’t make out all the words but he heard: little pet, keep and forever. This was when he got really mad. He head butted the glass of his tank, and ended up on the seat of a bicycle. He then jumped of the bicycle and flew through the air back into the ocean which the helicopter was flying over! The end. Epilogue. Three years later the fish was sitting in his coral house eating ice cream when… (for you to finish!)

Here are the emoji prompts I used to create my story!


Now onto an emoji guessing game! All these emojis are really weird expressions we keep saying and people don’t always understand!An example of the type of expression would  be:  Under weather, for if someone is sick or not feeling well.

1. “It’s raining cats and dogs!” 2. “Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.” 3. “Penny for your thoughts?” 4. “Cost me an arm and a leg!” 5. “It’s a piece of cake!”

Now for the last part I made an emoji that I think I would use often. I like the rolling eyes emoji but sometimes it’s kind of hard to tell if I’m joking or not. To change that, my emoji looks like me and the mouth is kind of smiley. My favorite part of me (the emoji) is that it’s perfect for when you’re  joking that you’re  annoyed with someone and you don’t want them to get accidentally offended. I really think that for some reason my emoji really captured me in real life. I think that the expression on my face is one I wear often; I’m joking around pretending to be serious but you can still see that under all that there is a hint of laughter. I like pretending that I don’t find the whole thing hilarious and then bursting into laughter when I can’t hold it in anymore


Well, thanks again for reading

bye for now



All about… MUSIC!!!

Music is a beautiful thing. It can make you laugh or cry, sing along or cover your ears. I think that in EVERY single persons life, there is at least a bit of music. I enjoy music. I sing along in the car, I try to right songs, and my favorite, I play the flute. I play in band at my school 2 times a week and I practice a few times (wink wink)( I don’t practice that much).


jeongsunyun / Pixabay


The flute is my favorite instrument ( I have played piano, viola and now flute). The closest version to a modern day flute was made by Theobald Boehm, who lived from 1794-1881. The flute is classified in the woodwind group although it does not have a reed. Instead, sound is made by air (that you blow) passing over the mouthpiece.


I play the flute a lot so I will add a video of me playing the “hanging tree” from the Hunger Games.


The Hunger Games is one of my favorite books!


For the last part of this post I’m going to include one of my playlists. This one is full of sad songs that really make me thankful for some reason. They remind me that there are lots of people who love me and that there are lots of people who are really happy with what they do. These artists are proud of their music and they want to share it with the world. These are the songs that have come on when there is something important or really, REALLY happy going on.

Well bye for now! I hope you can listen to some of these songs and see why I like them!


Cats… are they smart?

First things first; many people who read this post probably have cats. Before we start I would just like to say- so nobody gets mad- that I do not, I repeat DO NOT, have a cat. However, before you get outraged, my neighbour has a cat and I sit with her on the porch ALL THE TIME. My parents are allergic to cats so she is not allowed to come inside. I go outside, no matter the weather, and sit with her. She comes up to the door meowing and I go outside and sit on the stoop. She pads softly around me and rubs against my leg. Then, she comes and puts her 2 front paws on my lap. If I’m lucky she will climb on up and sit down on me. If I’m really lucky and if I pet her long enough she will start purring! It’s the cutest thing!

You don’t have to read the paragraph above, but it is recommended. To summarize it, my neighbours have a cat. Sometimes I go outside and sit with her on the step.  The longer I sat there the more things I noticed

1. She would rub the side of her cheek/chin against poles and walls

2. If I held out my hand she would come and smell it.

3. She loves being scratched under her chin and along her neck

4. She would stare at me and slowly blink her eyes

5. She would hold her tail strait up and quiver it

susannp4 / Pixabay

So I did some research and found out a whole lot about cats for answer’s to my questions/behaviours. I used a website called Cat Chat

1. When your cat is rubbing their cheek against me you is marking you as their territory

2. When you hold out your hand for your cat to come and smell it, it’s like saying hi to your cat and introducing yourself. Your cat will recognize your scent and come say hi back.

3. This one is kind of tied to the first question where when you scratch their chin, you are giving them the chance to mark you with their scent.

4. Scientists don’t know for sure but they think the reason your cat blinks at you is like a them saying “I love you”. They look at you without staring in a relaxed way.

5.  When their tail is standing strait up it means that they are excited and/or happy.

Thanks for reading my week 4 student blogging chalenge!




Copyright… is it a Real Thing?

Hi again. So for the week 3 blogging chalenge we have to explain what copyright is.

So what is it? In simple words, copyright is the law that gives the creator of the work the power to say who can use it and for what. But that doesn’t explain all of it. If you happen to go onto google images and just grab a random one, you are in danger of getting a copyrighted image. In which case it is illegal to use for things of your own uses. I personally think the best option for getting copyright free images is just using your own! It’s a really easy way to get images you can be proud of, and also able to use!


For the second part of the post we have to ad a photo we took or created.

Here’s an image I took while I was at my friends cottage. I really like it because the butterfly is BYFAR the most brilliant thing in the landscape, but for some reason it’s not the first thing your eyes are drawn to. You want to lo0k at the patterns of rain in the sand and while doing that you spot the butterfly.


For the third part of the post we had to create a slideshow. My slideshow has 3 different pictures. Look at all the pictures and then try to see what animal I’m trying to create.

Leave your thoughts or hints in the comments below. I really don’t mind if you give me something to improve on, I can always use more ideas!

p.s. ( it may not be a “real” animal.)


A poem about this… animal:

I was walking along,

pulling my wagon, 

when along came something,

that looked suspiciously like a                    .

It had a scaly back,

and tallons like knives,

and upon the track,

when I looked into it’s eyes.

It set fear in my heart,

and terror in my mind,

and I jumped with a start,

as it came out from behind.



My Amazing Avatar


So, this is my first year doing the student blogging challenge, and I had a bit of trouble creating my avatar. Thankfully I was able to complete it and now I have an avatar that I think represents me because of my hair. Just kidding. The reason my background is red is because red is my favorite colour. I like it because it reminds me of fall; the leaves on the trees and and the ones floating down like snow. It also reminds me of the sunsets during summertime.