My name is Kate Pye Rogers, and I am entering grade 12 at Seycove Secondary. This website is dedicated to a program that our school offers called the
“Performance Learning Program”, or PLP. It is a one-to-one iPad course in which we learn to use technology to advance our learning. This different approach to the education system is also enhanced by things such as field schools, lots of presentations, and extra tasks like this blog. You can read more about PLP here.

Of course not everything I do involves school, so let me talk a little bit about myself. I’m currently 16 and I have an older sibling named Jackson, he’s exactly what you’d expect a 19 year old brother to be: obnoxious, narcissistic, and a know it all. However, he did introduce me into one of my favourite sports which is baseball. We also find ourselves competing at other sports such as skiing, socccer, ice hockey, basketball, skateboarding, paddle boarding, and mountain biking, you name it, we’ve done it. Growing up alongside him has also turned me into an overly athletic and extremely competitive person and that is who I’m known as now throughout my friends, family, and community.

Nowadays I’m focusing on something that I discovered with the help of my mom, field hockey. I am currently the youngest player on the Under 23 Women’s Canadian National Team, and have just returned from my third international series in Holland. I was in China for two weeks in January for a 6 games series, and had a local series at our home field in Victoria versus Chile in June 2018. I must say it’s unreal to have had my first international cap played when I was just 15 but I wouldn’t be here without the years of training in my house league of WVFHC, my 4 years on the FHBC provincial team, and the endless support from my sponsor, Osaka Hockey.

Between playing for 7 different field hockey teams throughout the year, a metro soccer team, and whatever school sports I feel like trying that term, it’s sometimes hard to find time for academics… but it makes for an exciting life that I wouldn’t change for anything.