Hi everyone in this blog post I will be talking about my advertisement project again in humanities. For this project the driving question is What does what we hear and read influence us? You will find the answer at the answer at the end of this post. Yes I have already done a blog post for this project. But in PLP we have to do 2 posts per project, one in the middle of the project and one at the end. If you would like to see that blog post visit: https://www.blog44.ca/keatons/2021/10/16/my-advertisements/

This blog post about my humanities project will be about what I liked most about it, what I took that could be turned into real world learning and then our group ads and finally what I learned from this project.

What I liked most about the project. What I liked most was the way we were able to work in a group the whole time it wasn’t all individual group work. I also liked how we were able to interview people our clients. I also liked how we were able to see examples from the grade nines from last year. I also liked how we were able to get feedback from a professional ad designer, Derick Hepburn.

What I took out of the project that is real world learning. I think what I took outer of the project that can be turned into real world learning was the fact of interviews and revision. The interviews turned into real world learning because of the fact their interviews you use them all the time. You can use them to get a job, to pitch you’re work to you’re boss. You can latterly use them all the time. The revision. In elementary school we would only do revision at the end of each term so 3 times a year. we didn’t really learn how to do revision properly. but in PLP we do revision probably once a week. Revision can be turned into real world problems because you revise everything either in you’re head or on paper.

Our group ad’s. What is a group ad? A group ad is the ad we chose as a group to give to our client, Patricia Houlihan. We all submitted our individual ads and our group voted on them. And then as a group we edited the ad then gave it to Derick Hepburn and Mr Hepburn critiqued them and gave them back to us. After that we revised the ad as a group and added the stuff Mr Hepburn critiqued. here are our group ads. The first ad was Ruby’s ad that we voted on.

After that ad we critiqued it and we got this.

In that ad we put mountains in the background and put the info at the bottom and finally we put in a different font. But we said to ourselves this isn’t quite right so we made a way better ad.

We sent this ad to Patricia and she said she’ll use it! How did I help with this group ad? Well I made the sold signs and made the info at the bottom.

What did I learn from this project. I mostly learned more about PLP and how they do their project the with the Launch section the Building Knowledge section then the Develop and critique section then finally the Present and reflect section which is what I’m doing right now. I’m reflecting. I also learned how to analyze an ad.

I hoped you liked this blog post and ill ad the info of my group members so that you can see their individual ads. http://www.blog44.ca/rubyr/                                                                                                     http://www.blog44.ca/cameronl/        http://www.blog44.ca/frankiem/             http://www.blog44.ca/makair/                 http://www.blog44.ca/callumr/


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