Hello fellow Blog readers this is the post for Herzog the second part of our Maker Project. The fist part of the project was Carr. If you want a link to that blog post its right here: Carr Blog Post.

In this blog post ill show all my pictures I took, then my favourite picture and favourite assignment.

These are all the pictures I took and under them will be a mini paragraph for a description.

This was our first assignment. In this assignment we had to take a still photo and liven it up. I chose a Magic Mouse from Apple. To Liven it up I drew a face on it.

Adjusting Angles

In this next assignment we had to find a picture of us as a kid and then make it the same thing just us older. I did 2 different shots the first one was me biking when I was 4 and then me biking last summer. The second picture was me playing hockey when I was 6 and then me playing hockey last year,

This next assignment was on Manufacturing Mood. We got a mood from our teacher. Mine was tired so I took a picture of our family dog sleeping representing being Tired.

For these next 2 images we made a blog post for them naming it About Me to describe you. Here is the link to that post: About Me Blog Post.

My favourite Pictures were probably the ones where we had to do the young and old versions. Our Second assignment. It was my favourite because we got to look back at our baby photos. I really like looking back at those photos because it says how simple life was back then.

Thanks For reading this blog post about my Herzog experience.

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