Who wouldn’t want to bike

Who wouldn’t want to bike.

Mountain biking is an extreme sport that many people in the world take part in. Mountain Biking is my personal favourite sport and I think you should at least give it a go. Why not try it you might like it.
In this next series of blog posts ill be talking about my passion for mountain biking. This post is just my introduction a will give you a sneak peek at what these next posts will be about.
The first post about biking will be researching and giving fascinating facts about the sport and giving some basic ideas on why you should try the sport. Next will be photos for example cool photos I might have taken ones I found in magazines or on the internet or just some graphs this will also include photos of beginner bikes and gear. In this second last post ill give a couple of interesting facts, give my opinion on the sport, and next to the history on biking and next to the biggest reasons why you should bike finally comparing and contrasting the sport which means ill say why in my opinion biking is better than other sports.

I hope you will enjoy this series of posts and if you have any questions on the sport or you need links just comment on them. If you wish for a link to some good YouTube channels than take a look at these Pinkbike and GMBN.

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