Reimagining the renaissance

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Welcome back to my new blog post about our new project in humanities about the renaissance. This post will include everything I learned about this new app Super Impose X, then the triptych I made using that app, next why it is important to learn about the past and what the renaissance actually is, and finally some interesting topics that happened during the renaissance.

What is Super Impose X? Well Super Impose X is an app that you can get on IOS and android. In Super Impose X you can delete parts of pictures from your photos. You can also make lots of cool artwork with all the features it has like masking, layers, drawing on the picture, and so much more.

Now for the part on what I learned on Super Impose X. Before this project in humanities, I probably have only used Super Impose X for like 1 hour maybe even less. So I didn’t know too many skills or the potential the app had. I learned how to mask which is that tool I talked a bit about before that can erase anything in your pictures. I also learned how to add different shapes like lines and squares for example. My teachers and classmates also taught me how to draw and use the filters and layers properly.

What is a triptych template? A triptych is a work of art that is divided into three sections or three carved panels that are hinged together and can be folded shut or displayed open. It is therefore a type of polyptych, the term for all multi-panel works. An example of a triptych is the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp, Belgium, which contains two examples by Rubens, and Notre Dame de Paris is another example of the use of triptych. What I did for my triptych was an invention and a famous person or artwork piece during the renaissance, I then did the modern versions of them. In the middle, I had a picture of myself. As the background, I had a very old church that was built during the renaissance.

It is important to learn about the past because we need to learn what our ancestors did, what horrible events happened and also funny events that changed human history. If we didn’t know this then we couldn’t reflect on the mistakes that our parents, grandparents, great parents and so forth made. To correct those mistakes as well. The renaissance took place during the fourteenth century and seventeenth century. Many important people emerged during this time as Leonardo da Vince and Michelangelo. Plus so many more.

There were two important assignments that we did for this project the triptych and a paragraph about a famous person, invention, piece of art, or societal change you could pick which one you wanted to write on and I chose the flushing toilet out of the invention category here are why I chose that invention.

How did it improve society during the renaissance? It improved society because in cities with poor people fecal matter would just be thrown all over the streets. That doesn’t seem too pleasant, does it? All that fecal matter being thrown onto the streets cause lots of diseases. Although it is true that in the Roman Empire and other cities there was sewage. Although the sewage wasn’t that great you could still smell the fecal matter so not the best. But in newer cities like London and Paris, only rich people had access to sewage although it still wasn’t perfect. It all drained into rivers. So there were flaws in the system although it was a good try. How it changed social behaviour. Well at the start toilets weren’t very popular it took a while for them to be heard of and they were only really available for the rich. So the poor stuck to throwing their fecal matter on the streets. But when everyone did get a toilet the stinkiness went away and a lot of diseases went away as well. The award that was given to the toilet in 1990 was the best medical invention. Better than vaccines and medicine!

Thanks for reading my blog post about the renaissance and if you would like to learn more about it click this link: Wikipedia page for the renaissance.

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