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Hi Keatoneers welcome back to another epic blog post my diggity dawgs,

In this blog post we will be talking about our scimatics project. This project was called comic cells we had to make a comic about bacteria and viruses. The driving question for this project is how do cells and diseases interact?


This is my mind node I answered some questions I had at the start of this project.

Here are my curricular competencies for this project.

The first is questioning and predicting. Here is what the fine print details are about it. It was showing a sustained curiosity about a scientific problem or topic. This also means just staying on topic in class. I got an emerging and accomplished for this. Next time I think I could play less games and talk to my firends less during class. This all happened during one class.

The next one is scientific communication. This one is about using 10 scientific words in your story and using correct diagrams and accurate information . I got an accomplished on this. Next time I guess I could put more scientific words in to get extending. All my information was correct.

For the final one we had Evaluating. In it we had to have our viruses interact in a scientific way and have logical outcomes with the chosen disease. In my first draft I had none of this but after some revision I had it all.

Here is my comic that I made hope you enjoy this masterpiece.

Influenza madness comic

Thank you for reading this blog post about our final Scimatics project.

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