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Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog train. This will be my first blog post of this year and it’s in Science 9. This project was about pants, animals, the different spheres, earths climate, and different habitats and environments. The project was called Handle with care. 

In this project I will talk about what I learned, what I enjoyed, what I didn’t enjoy, next ill say what I took away from the project, after I’ll talk about the different spheres and how humans affect the environment, then I’ll answer the driving question and finally I’ll show some of my work I did this project. 

What I learned this project. I learned so much this project. I learned how humans affect sea urchins as I had to do a video on how sea urchins are affecting the kelp forests on the coast of California just north of San Francisco. I also learned about the different spheres that make up this earth it’s basically the different categories where we classify different elements. I will talk more about the different spheres later on in the post. We also learned about abiotic and biotic. Abiotic is when something is not living like water, sunlight, and dirt. We also spent one day learning about micro plastics and even did an experiment for it. We put some cloth in a Gatorade bottle with some marbles, dish soap, and water. After we shuck it around and soaked the water through a cloth leaving micro plastics from the cloth. Below is a some micro plastics we found through the micro scope.


What I enjoyed. Science is one of my favourite classes in school. During this project my 3 favourite things I enjoyed was:

  1. Doing different experiments, I really like doing experiments and making a hypothesis and getting an answer for it and the best way to do that is doing experiments. 
  2. Writing, I weirdly find sitting down and listening to music and writing a bunch satisfying and we did a bit of that this project with the blog post and making the instagram posts.
  3. Making the news video, my favourite part of school is talking to my friends and doing group projects. That’s what we did for this assignment we made a news video of how sea urchins are effecting the kelp forests and what you can do to help them.

What I didn’t enjoy. I definitely don’t enjoy lectures but sadly that’s part of school and a big part of science. But there really isn’t anything I can do to change the fact that there are lectures. But on the good side of things that’s the only thing I didn’t like about this project. So for a first time teacher especially at PLP I think Ms Kadi did a really good job.

What I took away from the project. I found out how bad the kelp forests are hurting on the coast of California just north of San Francisco. The sea urchins are eating this so much because the sea stars died from the ocean temperature rising which turned them to goo. Sea urchins was the main source of food for sea stars so with them dying the sea urchin population grew overbalancing the kelp. This happened from us causing global warming. So the main thing I took away was how much we’re affecting the sea animals with global warming.

In this paragraph I’ll explain the different spheres and how humans effect the food chain. I did a graph on humans effecting the Artic food chain. It shows how much different animals we eat and if we keep eating these animals then well eventually hunt them to extinction like we’ve done to so many other species for example the white rhino. Hunting species to extinction completely unbalances the food chain like what happened with the sea stars dying from global warming increasing the population of sea urchins. The five different spheres of earth are the Biosphere, Geosphere, Cryosphere, Hydrosphere, the Lithosphere, and the Atmosphere. The biosphere is all living things like humans and other animals, the Hydrosphere is all water on earth, the Atmosphere is all the air on earth, the Lithosphere is all land, Cryosphere is all ice on earth or snow, and finally the geosphere is earth itself like rocks, minerals, and mud.

My answer to the driving question. The driving question is What are the realities behind different methods of wildlife management? My answer is there a good things and bad things that come out of wildlife management in my opinion its an experiment and a hypothesis of what will happen to the animals. So it can be very bad or good on what we do to manage wildlife. 

Here is an image of the food chain.

Thanks so much for reading my first blog post of grade 9 if you didn’t learn something I hope you at least found it entertaining.

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