Hello, blog readers welcome back to the blog train. The trains rolling back to the station and we’re talking about our latest projects for humanities. Last night we had a mini exhibition for our project we just finished about Geography. We went on a 7-day field study in Alberta and BC to learn the history and geography of Canada and how the West shaped us.

In this project I will talk about my book and other assignments, then I will reflect on the Core Competencies, next I will answer the Driving Question, and finally, I will talk about what I learned.

For each day on the trip I had to fill out 2 pages 1 page was for the pictures of the destination and one page was for the reflection. In the book I answered the Driving Question and connected to it on every page, I defined Geography in comic life, I had different pages that describe how the West attracts tourists, and finally, I made an about me page.


Here is my Comic Life the Comic is 1 page long describing the 5 themes of geography and giving the definition of geography. It is a pirate-themed page with at the end of the 5 themes there is a treasure chest.

The 3 core competencies are Personal and Social, Communication, and Thinking. I will reflect on all 3 of them.

Firstly Personal and Social. so far for the assignments, I’ve been graded on I’ve over exceeded my goals. This year I wanted an accomplished in Humanities and I got an extension on my Comic Life. I also think I did a very good job with my E-book as it was visually appealing, it had good grammar, and it also answered the driving question on every page. For the Social side of things I think I helped my groups greatly in the Fun video I made the Intro and Outro with Magnus and I also helped my friends with the book by giving them good feedback and ideas. I also shared my photos with my friends so that they could include them in their e-books.

Communication. Like I said in Social for Personal and Social I shared good Ideas to help improve my classmates’ books so I communicated with them. I engulfed a great amount of knowledge on the trip and at school that I think changed my Worldview of Canada’s past.

Finally Thinking. I think that I thought thoroughly about how I wanted my answer to the driving question to be. I also took in lots of information in my head and I still have for the history of Canada.

The curricular competency was Questioning. I think I questioned really well I asked tons of questions to my teachers in class talks and lectures. I also asked myself mental questions like how did tourism change the West? I also asked questions on how I can improve my book and other assignments so I got reflection from that.

Here’s some good images I’ve taken  on the trip.


The answer to the Driving Question. The Driving Question is How has the geography of the West shaped who we are? Here is my answer to it; I think what made the West is tourism. I think this because tourism offered so many jobs and lots of money to local companies when tourists come. This shapes our economy making certain City’s around tourism like Banff or Whistler both major tourist destinations for Skiing and Mountain Biking. We also made stuff in the West to make tourism happen for example the Trains that we built. But I think the drawing activity is sightseeing so the Geography brings tourists. It connects with me because on this trip I realized how much money tourists pay and how many there are I’ve also been a tourist so I know why they come to the West. Different tourists that come to the west also brought ideas shaping the culture of the West. That’s why tourists and settlers shaped my Worldview.

What I learned. I learned plenty about the history and diversity of cultures and animals of the West and Canada. But I also learned more about grammar, how to make the E book look nice, how to keep my viewers attracted to my pages by having interesting facts about the different places, and finally what Geography is.

Thank You for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoyed it.

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