I’m Back!

Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog train. This will be my first blog post of this year and it’s in Science 9. This project was about pants, animals, the different spheres, earths climate, and dif... Read More

New France fun

Hey everyone, In this blog post, I will be writing about the project we just finished: New Beginnings. This project was about New France and the fur trade. This project lasted for about 1 month. In th... Read More

A sick skate park

Hi Everyone, In this blog post I will write about our newly finished Scimatics project called the Ultimate design challenge. This project was about making a 3D model on a new app for us called Tinkerc... Read More

The seven slices

Hey mates welcome back to the blog train, In this blog post I will write about DI which is short for destination imagination. This project which took over 4 months to complete is finally over. In thos... Read More