Comic Cells


I just finished my last simatics project, it was about how cells react. We built these comics to solve the driving question: “how do cells and disease react”. Our end goal was a comic about a virus and cells of our choosing.

Time line

Day 1: We launched the project and watched a movie on how cells react

Day 2: We began our reaserch on cells.

Day 3: We chose what the virus we would be reaserching; mine was sars-covi-2.

Day 4: We made a wanted poster on the chosen disease.

Day 5: We continued our reaserch.

Day 6 We learned more about cells with a video and did a test on cells.

Day 7 We began our storyboards for out comic.

Day 8 We finished our storyboards.

Day 9 – 12 We wrote our comics.


All class time is used for learning and creating a comic book story about cellular processes and/or diseases.                                                                                                         I did a great job at this. I managed to complete all 18 drawings with detail and a story. I think I could have done a better job at this and added more drawings if I had put more detail on my storyboard. If I could improve on this I would as I think there is always room for improvement.

Correct vocabulary and accurate diagrams are used.  At least 10 interesting science vocabulary words are included in the story.                                                                            I think I did a decent job at this. I had 10 sciency words and had detailed drawings. My story was complete and clear and had  a good storyline,

Cell/bacteria/virus characters interact in a scientific way. Symptoms and logical outcomes of the chosen disease/cellular/body process are integrated into the story.     I had correct outcomes such as the disease spreading through the body and attacking the lungs and cells. But I also showed the spread from person to person. My comic was accurate but the art was completely fictional as I decided it would be funnier even though disease is not a joke.

The comic

In conclution this project was very fun. I had fun doing the art and studying about covid. I also learned alot about cells and their processes. I would do this project again as I love comics and enjoyed reading some of my friends posts. I would do this project again for sure.


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