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Hi and welcome to a late blog post for Science PLP, if your wondering where Simatics went, we are completing regular math now and only have PLP Science now.

Now this project was all about the cycle of nature and how humans effect it. Our goal was to answer this question; In what ways have human beings impacted the delicate cycles within our local ecosystems and how can we lessen our impact? We would use our keystones to answer this and to study a different part of this.

We got to study, food webs, ecosystems, bio accumulation/ bio magnification, wildlife management to answer this. And create these posts below to help support our answer to the driving question as our final product.

But you must be saying, how did you get all the information for this? Well this is it.

Keystone one; food webs, now you probably know what a food chain is (if not, its a pattern of what animal eats what until you hit the end of the chain), a food web is a set of these that intersect, representing who eats what in a certain ecosystem (a place where a group of animals live in balance). To show our knowledge, we made an interactive version in scratch.


Then we studied ecosystems along with bio accumulation and bio magnification. For those of you who don’t know bio accumulation and bio magnification, is the process on how animals get micro plastics inside themselves. to show this we had to draw our own ecosystem (I lost the photo, will try to find it) and a short GIF about bio accumulation and magnification.

the GIF


Then as the final thing we studied before moving on to our final product; Wildlife management. This is when us humans intervene to save species of animals from extinction, this is usually effective and helpful. To help learn this in groups we studied a real world version of this and made a video in the form of a “news interview” to prove our learning was successful. I have it linked below (also thanks to andrew, gwenyth and blondie, and for the cameo from Charlie R, all of their blogs will be linked below when i find them and you should go visit them).


A conclusion

This project was a great start for the year, I got to learn more about animals and their habitats, co-exist with each other, and interact with society. This also happened at the same time as our trip to Calgary yet I still managed to learn and get my work done while staying on task. This was fun and manageable, making this very enjoyable with a good lead to the final product, I can’t wait to learn more this year. – Thanks for reading

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