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Welcome to the time of imperialism, you are at the bottom of society, a mere peasant, you make a dollar a day doing the most amount of work just to be treated the worst with the most restrictions on what you can do and who you can speak to. Along with work every day you have to write 100 words on what you did or face jail. Your tax is 1 dollar so you can’t afford anything. 

Welcome to our world simulation, an opening to our new project about revolutions. Each of the 2 classes where spread into 2 sets of 4 groups one for each class, their was a group A,B,C and a group D. Each was a represent for a different position in old world society. A being the peasants, B the merchants, C the law and D the monarch. The simulation went across 5 days and was designed to end in a revolution. Every day group B would decide the prices of the stock of food, group C would collect taxes and group D would sit doin nothing while my group, group, group A was stuck doing all the labor to get taxed our only dollar that was given to us each day.

Day 1

We got the daily news along with the store prices, but it was out of our payroll. Then we had to create a writing on what we did. We also had some members arrested by group C, but they escaped when the guard was not looking. We also had to clean up trash and sharpen pencils as we where forced to do them. We also built an alliance with group B but it was not ready as group C taxed all their money along with all of ours and kept it even though it was supposed to go to the government. 

Our daily pay

Day 2

We got our news and group B raised costs but we bought half of the store anyways so we could make sure group D did not get everything this time, but still they made more than double. We also did less work today as we where tired of making nothing and barely surviving. We also allied with group B to so that was a plus and was trust was being built with Charlie R one of the 2 charlie’s in group D with the other being the king, King Charlie M, who tried his best to do as little as possible while expecting full support. We got taxed along with group B again and I stopped doing work in protest and group B’s money went into a fund to get our group, group A a better life as we had no chairs to sit on unlike the other groups except one member of group B until they bought him a chair. A document was also passed naming Cris the Goat, a position with no power except being the Goat and we where given more freedoms to walk freely as before we where stuck between the store and our work, group B also got freedom of speech something that was changed to cost my group $5 and added fair trial.

Day 3

Me and Andrew dismantled the jail but it was re instated as part of a revolt plan that we had activated that was built up yesterday, (we just took it back down again until they gave up). They also doubled our earnings so we could afford a bit more. Group B also adjusted the store so our group could buy it all and the other groups could afford nothing. We also stopped doing work and Tom bought his way to group C to help us remove it from power from the inside while Charlie R began building up his side of the revolt as he decided to help us get a democracy put in.

our earnings

Day 4

We kept the revolt going and group C was nearly powerless, I was jailed so I could not see the news and we kept the plan going and bought out the shop again so no tax money would be collected again as it was going to nothing as we could not raise enough for another chair. We also began the end of the revolt and the removal of the monarch starting with the signing of an alliance and a no kill between some of the groups so we could have a better chance at taking over. 

a recreation of the document

Final 2 days as they where kinda connected

We got rid of the virus and the king was abdicated by Charlie R; All of the monarch except Charlie R where exiled and Cris and Logan went with them. We started the democracy and Charlie R was voted into power. He had his first speech the next day but Cameron B killed the king and the monarch returned causing death and destruction killing almost everyone including me in a process that ruined everything we had worked for. 

A reflection on the simulation from my point as the bottom of the barrel

Our nation started out as a monarchy that was doing everything they could to abuse their power and live top tier lives while group A just suffered. They also made huge lines between the different classes in the kingdom. With group A starting limited to $1 a day and a $1 tax every day with no freedoms to move, group B had some freedom to move but also had to deal with large taxes and little more money. Group C had power over jailing and could basically do what they wanted while group D could do whatever they pleased. I also had to pick up all trash and sharpen pencils to write up 100 word paragraphs about what we did that day. Eventually we got raise to $2 so we could pay tax and live. At the start we could afford no luxuries until group B undermined the monarchs funding by charging our group the bare minimum and the other groups as much as possible. We also where treated the worst by group C until we removed all their power, I returned the favour by doing whatever I could to exploit loopholes and undermine them even though they just tried to make things go their way and where being unfair. We managed a successful revolt as well and re-built the kingdom into a democracy until the massacre of the entire kingdom in the end so the monarch could gain power again ending with them having nothing and me writing this post.

Thanks for visiting the time of our revolution

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