Pre pol 2023

Pre pol

To maintain balance in my life I need to balance a magnitude of factors: swim, workout, eat, sleep, school, Ventures, homework, hygiene, band, climbing and going out with friends. To stay on top of everything, I use my calendar to keep track of recurring events and routinely add events like a Ventures camp to my calendar. Other strategies include checking emails and Discord regularly and keeping a normal sleep schedule. To stay healthy, I spend around 15 hours a week exercising. This benefits not only physical health, but also mental health. To stay energized for this, I usually will spend a bit of time on a Sunday or Monday doing meal prep for the week. 



My calendar

Meal prep

I have tried to find different processes that keep me in line during the week. From figuring out how to wake myself up in the morning so I can prepare for my day to trying different forms of organization like planning my week on paper (not effective, dog ate it), I have looked at options that best suit my life. I will keep on using the digital calendar with alerts to notify me of appointments or due dates. I can access the calendar from my phone or ipad for ease of use.  

I realized proficiency in the competency of processing. I successfully prototyped a system for my life that works for me effectively and extensively. The system caters to my strengths, skills to keep me on track with my life. This allows me to stay on top of school as much as possible while keeping a healthy life at the same time.

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