Who are you and who are going to be?

What kind of person do you aspire to be? A question not about the past or present but about the future. Everyone has and answer to it and each one differs from one another. It is a reflection of ourselves, our values and our goals. It is something every person should think about and act on.

For me this is a tough one as I am always striving to be and do better in life no matter what happens to me. With every improvement I make or goal I reach I aim higher or try to do better. If I struggle with something I focus on it and work on it even if it will take time.

Looking back on my past few years of life and learning, I have improved. I have gotten stronger, more creative and as I got to know my PLP peers more, my collaborative skills. Every decision I have made has helped change me, even if that choice was a bad one.

For example here are 2 photoshopped photos

This was my first edited photo

This was my most recent photo

My photoshop has gotten less un realistic and looks cleaner.  (I also used a better camera but thats besides the point)

As we work on ourselves we are bound to see improvement. With anything we do and each decision we make that happens.
Learning like a new set of stairs, ur not going to be used to it but the more you walk it the less attention you need to go down it. At the end of the day no matter what you do or who you look up to, reflect on it and you will learn something though it may not be new.



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