DI but it’s apparently not

Hello there. I dont want to be here. Welcome or welcome back to my gremlin corner where I rant about the projects I have been doing in PLP. Today I am going to be talking about one of our more recent Maker 9 projects, wich was called the rollercoster callenge. I swear this was a mock DI, because one of the challenges was to build a roller coaster. Wow. Nice. Delightful.

This was a really short mini project, where we had to build a roller coaster with a small budget of a million dollars, and limited materials. This project was only a week long, and was not really chaotic, but it was still a little stressful, as we had to do so much budgeting. We went through so much planning and drawing, shrinking, enlarging etc.

With our budget of $1,000,000 the following things were for purchase;
β€’ Two Plumbing insulation tubes cut in half – $150,000 per tube
β€’ Toothpicks – $100,000 per dozen
β€’ Tape – $50,000 per 3 feet
β€’ Scissors – free
β€’ Marble – first one free, second one $50,000

Our final spending was a total of $1,000,000, and with that we bought the following:
far too many toilet paper rolls, 24 toothpicks and a total of 6 feet of tape. You can do the math. I don’t want to.

We earned points based on how many different thrills were included, such as loops, spins, hills, turns, etc. My group had a total of 22 points, with a loop, two hills, and a turn.

after a week of planning and building, I present, the BC Thriller. 1AB1E612-96C9-4E74-AFB5-9EDAA5B6EFF7

if you have made it this far, thank you for reading this monstrosity, and good day.
-Fir >:)

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