Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

I started off a bit slow with deciding on a topic and Maddie kindly assisted with countering my indecisiveness. In the end I chose “Queer characters in media.” After choosing what I personally find to be a sincerely engaging topic writing the posts felt natural and it proved difficult to refrain from writing additional posts. 

This writing had a separate feel from our school blogging topics because, while I whole heartedly appreciate topics we create projects on, I have more attachment to hobbies and topics that I indulge in with my free time. With this writing I felt as though I was geeking out to my family, (while they were clearly bored) I was having the time of my life! 

A result of this blogging is I have realized how appreciative I am for all the queer actors and writers out there. Representation matters and I knew that, I just didn’t understand the extent of just how important it is.

The hardest part was CLEARLY the decision making portion, (thank goodness for Maddie’s empathy).  

The easiest part however was everything besides, I loved the writing, and brainstorming for ideas, and editing. Etc, etc.

Hear me out, I both will and won’t continue writing this geek out blog because while I LOVE this blog topic and have so much to say in regards to it, my memory is that of a braindead goldfish.

Thanks for reading my splendid attempt at a reflection!!!!!🍗