Hi people and potatoes! (For the record, I would die of joy if potatoes could actually read my posts).

Today we will be digging into the wonders of cell biology, the immune system, and vaccines! As a younger student, I’m aware of the possibility that this information may be oversimplified. Now we are both aware of this possibility!

I’m excited to share the shortest possible explanation of the first keystone! The reason being that I was away for a chunk of this keystone and was never granted the chance to experience this keystone in its full glory!

The first keystone gave us students a chance to use the scientific method through a field journal. This journal included pages displaying observations and my “wonderful” art skills. (I need to take an art class… or 12).

Despite my severely limited artistic ability this was a great opportunity to practice an experiment! I say practice, as now I know to put more thinking into and be more reflective within future conclusions, i.e. expanding on the why rather than the what, doing some individual research granting me the ability to answer my previous queries, etc.

Phew, glad we made it through that, onto número dos.

Have you ever wondered what a few primary cells within your immune system would look like as dinosaurs? No… well now I bet you’re thinking about it! Well whether you have, or (most likely) haven’t, appreciate and respect these cute lil dinocells.

Though these dinocells are cute, I’m disappointed in them for a couple reasons, first the style of them is inconsistent, second and more importantly, the writing is more than disappointing. The quality of writing causes me great frustration as I was going through a personal matter and couldn’t write if my life depended on it. Let me reframe that, I’m disappointed in the writing because I am confident it isn’t work I want to be affiliated with. Well, at least they are cute!

Lets move onto the third, and my personal favourite keystone!
This keystone was about making a simple infographic dispelling myths revolving around vaccines. Another aspect of this keystone was writing a short paragraph around vaccine hesitancy. Here is a link my paragraph if you’d like to read it!

Bias paragraph!

Disregarding the mistakes I believe this to be a good paragraph!

Last but not least there was a poster I made to encourage elementary kids to wash their hands! It was slightly cluttered, but I can appreciate specific pieces of the work, such as the art I drew for it!!

That’s all! Thanks for stopping by! 😀