This humanities project was on colonization. It wasn’t very difficult, but I will mention that I had trouble sticking to the due dates because of procrastination, (so fun).

For our first keystone we filled out an art chart. This chart was for reflecting on an art piece we were given made by by C.W. Jefferys. I wasn’t a fan of the symbolic message portion as it confused my tiny little pea brain. this is my art chart:

The second keystone way quite similar to the first as it was connected to it. This keystone was another art chart. But this time we were reflecting on the contrast between our reinterpreted piece and the original artwork. 🙂 I enjoyed this art chart significantly more as I now understood what was required as a symbolic message, (my tiny little pea brain went “yayyyy”). This is my second art chart:

The third keystone was a script for a video about our art. Though it isn’t my best work I enjoyed making this script. Here it is:

Finally for the finish line we made videos about our reinterpreted images! This is mine: (WARNING this video contains major cringe)