So we went to Oregon! Though the trip had its difficulties, namely the bus breaking down, it was jam packed with excitement. A part of the trip that especially stuck out to me were the quests. I think this is because of the relatively large shift in the teamwork and communication of my quest group. The first quest was at Fort Stevens and my quest group was more dysfunctional than an Addams family reunion! Our last quest was at Yaquina Head and since my group had a few quests under our belt, our communication and teamwork had done a 180 in comparison to the first quest! We’d turned our Addams family into the Brady bunch! As weird as it may sound, I’m glad we did poorly in the first quest because it made working well together feel unbelievably rewarding in the end. It was such an awesome experience, and if you want to know more here’s a link to my field journal!

Going Coastal 2023

I feel like this goes without saying, I’m going to remember this trip for the rest of my life. Thank you Ms. Willemse, Mr. Hughes, Ms. Maxwell, and Ms. Kadi! I’m beyond grateful for the time and effort you spent making this trip happen.